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Annual Listing of Publications

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Wednesday 28/01/2004

Single Transferable Vote Working Group Interim Report [Government]

Interim report on the STV Working Group's findings on the implementation of STV

Tuesday 27/01/2004

Setting the Decapitalisation Rates for the 2005 Revaluation - A Consultation Paper [Business and Industry]

Decapitalisation rates to be used by the Scottish Assessors when valuing non domestic properties using the contractor's principle method of valuation

Hate Crime in Scotland - EasyRead online questionnaire

The questions contained in the EasyRead version of the consultation paper on hate crime which can be submitted online.

Working Group on Hate Crime Consultation Paper

Consultation paper on the criminal justice system and victims of hate crime

Hate Crime in Scotland Easyread Version [Law, Order and Public Safety]

EasyRead version of consultation paper on hate crime in Scotland - for people with learning difficulties

Incidents of Violence and Anti-Social Behaviour Against Local Authority School Staff In 2002/03 [Statistics]

As title

Insight 12: The Management of Supply Cover in the Teaching Profession [Education and Training]

Key findings from a study of the management of supply cover by schools and education authorities in Scotland.

Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey 2003 [Statistics]

Annual statistical bulletin giving the area of vacant and derelict land in Scotland

Monday 26/01/2004

Farm Wastes and Non-Mineral Wastes from Mines and Quarries: A Consultation Paper on the Waste from Mines, Quarries and Agricultural Premises (Scotland) Regulations 2004

A consultation on extending appropriate waste controls to hitherto exempt persons and sectors.


The Ladder of Support has been developed jointly by the Scottish Executive and COSLA. It has been designed to support joint working between the NHS and local authorities.

Amendments to the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2000 [Environment]

A consultation on amendments affecting fish slaughtering, fish ensiling, glass etching and small scale industry.

Forthcoming Publications

Publications Schedule for the coming year

The New Mental Health Act - What's it all about?: A Short Introduction [Health and Community Care]

The New Mental Health Act - A Short Introduction

Thursday 22/01/2004

Childhood Cancer in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

This report contains routine incidence, mortality and survival data for cases diagnosed in the period 1975-1999 for the 12 main categories of childhood cancer in Scotland.

Scotland’s Transport – Proposals for a New Approach to Transport in Scotland: Consultation Responses [Transport]

Written responses received to the 'Scotland's Transport - Proposals for a New Approach to Transport in Scotland' consultation exercise, which closed on 17 December 2003.

Wednesday 21/01/2004

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Fire Services for Scotland Report for 2002 - 2003 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The report highlights the activities and issues faced by the fire service throughout Scotland, including industrial action and the future modernisation of the fire service.

Scottish Consolidated Fund Receipts Payments Account: 1 April 2002 to 31 March 2003 [Government]

annual accounts of the Scottish Consolidated Fund

Tuesday 20/01/2004

Notification of Gears to be Used in the Recovery Zones [Marine and Fisheries]

Form to be used by the owners, masters or agents of certain Scottish-based fishing vessels to notify the Fisheries Department of the fishing gears they intend to use in the recovery zones.

Operation of the Homeless Persons legislation in Scotland: quarters ending 30 June and 30 September 2003 [Statistics]

Information on homelessness applications to Scottish local authorities, including data on characteristics of applicant households, local authority responses and households in temporary accommodation.

Scotland's Budget Documents 2004-05: Budget (Scotland) (No 5) Bill Supporting Document for the year ending 31 March 2005 [Government]

2004-05 Scottish Budget

Showing: 1161 to 1180 of 1206