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Annual Listing of Publications

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Friday 17/12/2004

Consultation On Guidelines For Managing Unauthorised Camping By Gypsies/Travellers - Analysis Of Responses

Analysis of responses to consultation paper issued on 1 March 2004 on guidelines for managing unauthorised camping by Gypsies/Travellers

Industry Consultation on Plant Health Issues in Scotland: Future Consultation Procedure, Publication of Pest Risk Analyses and Disclosure of Outbreak Sites

This consultation covers the procedure SEERAD proposes to use in future when making decisions about action on plant pests and disclosure of site information following an outbreak.

Guidelines For Managing Unauthorised Camping By Gypsies/Travellers In Scotland [People and Society]

revised guidelines, primarily for local authorities, in managing unauthorised camping by gypsies/travellers


Guidance for organisation on the commencemnt of the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003

Thursday 16/12/2004

Drugs Misuse Statistics Scotland 2004 [Health and Community Care]

Annual compilation of all the latest available information on drug misuse in Scotland.

Being Outside - Constructing a Response to Street Prostitution [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Report of the Expert Group on Prostitution

Government Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland 2002-2003 [Government]

An annual research exercise on the expenditure and revenue flows of government for Scotland

Higher Education Graduates and Graduate Destinations 2002/03 [Statistics]

Statistics on higher education graduates and their destinations six months after graduation.

Scottish Executive Stakeholder Survey 2004 - Research Bulletin [Government]

Findings from a comprehensive survey of the Scottish Executive's stakeholders undertaken in Autumn 2004, exploring the effectiveness of engagement betwen the SE and stakeholders

Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey 2004 [Statistics]

Annual statistical bulletin giving the area of vacant and derelict land in Scotland

Wednesday 15/12/2004

Fair to All, Personal to Each - The next steps for NHSScotland [Health and Community Care]

The executive's pland for tackling NHS waiting times

Fair to All, Personal to Each - The next steps for NHSScotland - Executive Summary [Health and Community Care]

Executive Summary of Executive's plan for tackling NHS waiting times

Assessment of Achievement Programme: First Survey of Social Subjects Enquiry Skills 2002: Summary [Education and Training]

Summary of the main report

Assessment of Achievement Programme: Sixth Survey of Science 2003: Summary [Education and Training]

Summary of the main report

Attendance & Absence in Scottish Schools 2003/04 [Statistics]

Attendance, authorised and unauthorised absence and temporary exclusions, by school.

Evaluation of Responses to Consultation on Best Value in the Wider Public Sector [Government]

Best Value Across the Public Sector

Evaluation of the SchoolsOutGlasgow.net project - Final Report - September 2004 [Education and Training]

feasibility of using ICT to support pupils with interrupted learning

Home Care Services, Scotland 2004 [Statistics]

National Figures for Home Care Services provided or purchased by Local Authorties in Scotland

Making Development Plans Deliver: Analysis of Consultation Responses [Planning]

This report provides a summary overview of the main findings of the consultation responses.


Analysis of consultation

Showing: 41 to 60 of 1206