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Smallpox vaccination of Regional Response Groups

DescriptionInformation for healthcare workers
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateDecember 23, 2004


Smallpox vaccination of Regional Response Groups

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December, 2004

Scottish Executive Health Department
St Andrew's House
Regent Road

Dear Colleague,

Smallpox Vaccination Pack for Scottish Response Group(s)

Currently there is no evidence of a specific threat of a deliberate release of smallpox on the UK. However, as part of the UK's preparation for response against a deliberate release of a biological agent, the UK Secretary of State for Health announced early in December 2002 the intention to undertake a smallpox vaccination programme of a small cohort of healthcare workers. These would be responsible for providing the initial response to a smallpox emergency.

On a voluntary basis, members of the regional response groups will be protected by vaccination in advance, to allow them to react quickly and work safely with patients with actual or suspected smallpox.

This Vaccination Pack is for those considering being members of the Scottish response group(s). It has been developed specifically for non-emergency vaccination of a cohort of first-responder health care workers and is different to that which would be used in any vaccination programme in the event of a deliberate release. It contains information for both vaccinators and vaccinees and includes details of pre-vaccination screening, vaccine administration and subsequent care of the vaccination site.

Please take time to familiarise yourself with this important information.

We are grateful for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Elizabeth Stewart


Smallpox vaccination ofRegional Response Groups

Information for health care workers administering or receiving the smallpox vaccine

This pack contains information for all health care professionals involved in the first tranche of smallpox vaccinations.

The pack contains information and practical tools needed by vaccinators and vaccinees to carry out vaccinations and ensure optimal follow-up.


Administering the smallpox vaccine - what you need to know

Receiving the smallpox vaccine - what you need to know