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Scottish Health Workforce Plan - 2004 Baseline

DescriptionNational Workforce Plan for NHSScotland
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateApril 29, 2004


Scottish Health Workforce Plan
2004 Baseline

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This document is also available in pdf format (1.1mb)


Foreword by Malcolm Chisholm MSP, Minister for Health and Community Care
Commentary by Mark Butler, Director of Human Resources, NHSScotland
1. Introduction
A New Beginning;
Workforce Strategy;
Objectives of the Workforce Plan
2. Setting the scene: a changing NHS - a changing workforce
Workforce Dynamics
Integrated team working and new roles
Health and safety and quality care
Pay modernisation
Securing and retaining the workforce
3. Where we are now: current staffing position
Understanding our current staff position and who is in the training stream
4. Redesigning the clinical workforce: why change is needed
Analysis of recent shifts in clinical workforce and implications of the Partnership Agreement commitments
5. Taking action
Determining the long-term service vision
Roles and responsibilities
Modelling plan
Information infrastructure
Next steps
6. Appendices
A. Partnership Agreement Commitments
B. Statistics Supplement: characteristics of the workforce including regional breakdowns
C. Workforce Numbers Group (WoNuG)