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Effective Interventions Unit - Working with young people: A profile of projects funded by the Partnership Drugs Initiative


Working with young people: A profile of projects funded by the Partnership Drugs Initiative

West Dunbartonshire: Alternatives
  • Project aims and objectives

The project aims to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to drug related issues. This involves working with other agencies to provide accessible community services for those involved in or at risk from substance misuse. The project itself has many facets including outreach work to engage clients, supporting people into education and employment, counselling, one to one interventions and group work.

  • Project start date

April 2002

  • Staffing

The PDI pays for two posts within this established project. One is a Youth Support Worker, the other was a 'Shared-Care' Worker and it was intended that they would work alongside two matched development workers. The Shared Care post has since been withdrawn and the project has been re-structured to employ two Young People's workers.

  • Geographical coverage

Its main base is in Clydebank and it provides a service for the whole of West Dunbartonshire.

  • Setting for project work

The Young People's Workers offer services in a number of settings; in the community, in schools and in homes.

  • Characteristics of client group

Young people experiencing difficulties relating to either their own or their parent's substance misuse.

  • Client profile

There have been 32 referrals since the PDI funding began in April 2002; 26 of these referrals have taken part in one to one work while a further six have taken part in both one to one and group work. The age profile of the clients only on the one to one programme is illustrated in Figure 7.

Figure 7


The gender profile of the clients is as follows:-





The age profile of the clients on the one to one and group programme is illustrated in Figure 8.

Figure 8


The gender profile is as follows:-





Twenty-eight clients have had their cases closed, while four are currently in contact with the project.

  • Client assessment and data collection

The project uses the Rickter Scale for client assessment.

  • Intervention details

Clients are offered support for issues relating to their substance misuse but are also offered information on a wide range of subjects including medical problems, legal matters and education/employment. In order to bolster confidence and self-esteem, the clients are encouraged to participate in the group work on offer. This involves engaging in a number of diversionary activities and brings them into contact with people of the same age who are dealing with similar issues.

  • Referrals

The pattern of referrals is illustrated in Figure 9.

Figure 9