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Effective Interventions Unit - Working with young people: A profile of projects funded by the Partnership Drugs Initiative


Working with young people: A profile of projects funded by the Partnership Drugs Initiative

Greater Easterhouse Youth Involvement Project
  • Project aims and objectives

The project works primarily with young people at street level, first engaging with them and gaining their trust, then providing them with diversionary activities and focussed group work. Diverting young people from a range of anti-social behaviours, particularly 'hard to reach' young people who do not access traditional youth work services, is regarded as the key aim of the streetwork project.

  • Project start date

March 2002

  • Staffing

The full staff complement is four detached youth workers plus sessional staff, but at present there is only one detached worker and sessional staff are filling in the other positions. Barnardo's has recently assumed responsibility for the project.

  • Geographical coverage

The outreach project is based in Westwood Business Centre but the youth workers themselves operate in communities across Greater Easterhouse, targeting young people in Craigend, Garthamlock, Cranhill and Ruchazie.

  • Setting for project work

The project works primarily with young people at street level.

  • Characteristics of client group

Young people at risk of substance misuse.

  • Client profile

Young people involved in the project range in age from 12 to 25, but the majority of the work is carried out with 14 to 18 year olds. The project work has made contact with around 208 individuals since its inception. The age profile of the clients on the project is illustrated in Figure 6.

Figure 6


The gender profile of the clients is as follows:-





Not Known


  • Client assessment and data collection

The project collects baseline assessment data when young people first engage with the project and reviews each person's progress at least every six months. The project has developed a database, which is used to record individual details about each young person who engages with the project. Detached staff also use streetwork forms which include a range of quantitative and qualitative data about each streetwork session. Data is also collected via inter-agency communication forms and young people themselves provide feedback about their experience of the Youth Involvement Project.

  • Intervention details

The team of streetworkers offers support, advice and focussed group work on issues the young people encounter such as sexual health, drug and alcohol use and territorialism / gang fighting. The project also offers support on an individual basis. Occasional trips away, for example to Alton Towers, are seen as an important way of engaging with young people who are difficult to engage and who are already embroiled in the criminal justice system.

  • Referrals

Currently the project does not take referrals from other agencies. Clients are recruited by engaging them in conversation on the street.