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Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Services in Scotland: Recommendations for Implementation



Diabetic Retinopathy Screening: Annex B

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Implementation Group

Dr Jeffrey Jay, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Glasgow (Chairman)

Mr Dougie Boyle, Development Manager, SCI-DC

Mr Richard Broughton, Optometrist, England

Dr David Cromie, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Lanarkshire

Ms Sushee Dunn, Project Officer, Clinical Standards Board for Scotland (until October 2002)

Ms Deirdre Evans, Director, National Services Division

Professor Karen Facey, Interim Director, Health Technology Assessment, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

Mrs Julie Falconer, Project Manager, SCI-DC

Dr David Frame, Project Manager, Glasgow Diabetes Project

Dr Muir Gray, NSC Programme Director, Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford

Mrs Delia Henry, National Manager, Diabetes UK (Scotland) (until November 2002)

Mr Alan Jones, RNIB (Scotland)

Dr Graham Leese, Consultant Physician, Tayside

Dr Fraser MacLeod, General Practitioner and lead of Glasgow Diabetes Project

Professor Andrew Morris, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, University of Dundee and Chairman of Scottish Diabetes Group

Dr John Olson, Consultant in Medical Ophthalmology, Grampian and Chairman of NHS Quality Improvement Scotland Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Standards Working Group

Ms Susan Pellegrom, Diabetes Co-ordinator, Grampian*

Dr Lewis Reay, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Argyll & Clyde

Dr Kenneth Robertson, Consultant Paediatrician, Glasgow and Chairman of SCI-DC Steering Group

Ms Jan Warner, Interim Director of Standards and Reviews, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

Mr Billy Watson, Deputy Director, RNIB (Scotland)

Mr Steve Whittaker, Optometrist Adviser SEHD

Mr David Cline, Secretary, Scottish Diabetes Group, SEHD (Secretary)

*Between May 2002 and January 2003 Susan Pellegrom was seconded to NSD on a part-time basis to support the DRSIG.

The DRSIG also wish to acknowledge the support of all those who have contributed to the development of this report. In particular, we wish to thank Rod Harvey, Peter Scanlon and Ewen Cummins.