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Supporting People - Supporting Independent Living: Folder 2 - Part 3: Operational Guidance and Part 4: Financial Guidance

DescriptionSupporting People Guidance - Folder 2
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 31, 2003


Supporting People - Supporting Independent Living:
Folder 2 - Part 3: Operational Guidance and Part 4: Financial Guidance


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1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Who will benefit from Supporting People
1.3 The underlying Principles of Supporting People
1.4 Final Guidance
1.5 Operational Guidance
1.6 Financial Guidance
1. Data Definitions:
1. Overview
2. Minimum Core Data Set No.1: Service User
3. Minimum Core Data Set No.2: Individual Needs Assessment
4. Minimum Core Data Set No.3: Support Planning
5. Minimum Core Data Set No.4: Service Provider
Appendix 1: Index of Data Items
2. Service Reviews:
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Review Cycle
2.3 Structure of the Service Review Process
2.4 Encouraging Objectivity
2.5 First Stage Assessment
2.6 First Stage: Strategic Relevance
2.7 First Stage: Demand for the Service
2.8 First Stage: Quality and Effectiveness
2.9 First Stage: Quality Standards and Performance
2.10 First Stage: Feedback from Service Users and other Stakeholders
2.11 First Stage: Cost of the Service
2.12 First Stage: Provider Capacity
2.13 Subsequent Stages of Review
2.14 Moving to the Second Stage
2.15 Second Stage Assessment
2.16 Second Stage: Strategy
2.17 Second Stage: Demand for the Service
2.18 Second Stage: Quality and Effectiveness
2.19 Second Stage: Cost of the Service
2.20 Second Stage: Provider Capacity
2.21 Moving to the Third Stage
2.22 Third Stage: The Decision to Withdraw Supporting People Funding
2.23 Third Stage: Ceasing Funding
2.24 Third Stage: Who Makes the Decision
2.25 Third Stage: Cross Authority Services
2.26 Third Stage: Risk Assessment
2.27 Third Stage: Challenge to the Decision
2.28 Third Stage: Action Planning
2.29 Third Stage: Communications
2.30 Third Stage: Seeking Alternative Revenue Funding
2.31 Third Stage: Remodeling/Reprovisioning/Reshaping the Service
2.32 Third Stage: Service Closure
2.33 Third Stage: Compensation for Home Loss and Disturbance
Annex 1: The Context for Supporting People Service Reviews
3. Sheltered Housing Service Reviews:
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Vision
3.3 The Review Tool: Purpose
3.4 Evaluating Sheltered Housing Services
3.5 Buildings
3.6 Timescales
3.7 The Review Process
3.8 Making a Start
3.9 Potential Outcomes
Annex 1: Sheltered Housing Self-Assessment Schedule
Annex 2: Sheltered Housing Assessment Schedule
4. Community Alarms
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Review of Community Alarm Services
4.3 Commissioning New Services
Annex 1: Industry Standards and Community Alarms
5. Contracting Framework and Guidance
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Level of Consultation
5.3 Available Formats
5.4 Issues not Covered
5.5 List of Annexes/Appendices
Annex 1 Framework and Guidance (Main Document)
Appendix 1 Types of Contracts
Appendix 2 ADSW Contracting Monitoring Framework
Appendix 3 Quality Assurance System
Appendix 4 (Part 6) Accidents and Emergencies
1 From SP3 to Contracts:
1.1 Pricing Contracts: Introduction
1.2 Process Overview
1.3 Step 1 - Grouping Services for Contracts
1.4 Step 2 - Apportioning the Eligible Funding Spreadsheets by Supporting People Service
1.5 Transitional Housing Benefit Scheme
1.6 Special Needs Allowance Package.
1.7 Un-pooled HRA / RSL Funding
1.8 Resettlement Grant (Section 30 Funding)
1.9 Income Support and Income Related Jobseekers Allowance
1.10 Step 3: Setting the Price for the Individual Service
1.11 Step 3.1 - Identifying the Service and Recording Details on the Pricing Reconciliation Worksheet
1.12 Step 3.2 - Entering THB Data onto the Pricing Reconciliation Worksheet
1.13 Step 3.3 - Transfer the SNAP Data from the Communities Scotland Spreadsheet to the Pricing Reconciliation Worksheet
1.14 Step 3.4 - Unpooled HRA / RSL Funding
1.15 Step 3.5 - Resettlement Grant (Section 30 Funding)
1.16 Step 4 - Transferring the Figures from the Pricing Reconciliation Worksheet to the Mapping Supply Database
1.17 Step 5 - Converting 2002/03 Eligible Funding into 2003/04 Supporting People Funding
1.18 Interim Known Funding Commitments
1.19 Dealing with Funding Changes up to 31 March 2003
Annex 1: Relevant Housing Benefit Legislation
2 Charging Tasks and Activities:
2.1 Objectives
2.2 Overview
2.3 Calculating Charging Income
2.4 Submit Housing Benefit Claimant Data Extract to Supporting People Teams
2.5 Transfer THB Claimant Data Extract to the Service User Financial Schedule
2.6 Match Service Users Against the Mapping Supply Database Record ID from the THB Service Level Spreadsheet
2.7 Apply Policy for Scottish Executive and Locally Exempt Services
2.8 Calculate the Assumed Level of Charges
2.9 Other Activities
2.10 Reconcile Supporting People Grant Using March Housing Benefit Data (Calculate Changes Since October Extract)
2.11 Notification
3 Procurement Issues about Interim Contracts:
3.1 Background
3.2 In-house Services
3.3 The Public Services Contracts Regulations 1993
3.4 General EC Treaty Requirements
3.5 Best Value as it Relates to Procurement and Service Delivery
3.6 Human Rights Considerations
3.7 Requirements in respect of the Public Services Contracts Regulations 1993 (assuming that services are Part B)
4 VAT and Services Supplied under Supporting People:
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Local Authorities & Non-business Activities
4.3 Supplies that Consist of More than One Element
4.4 VAT Exempt Services
4.5 Welfare Services
4.6 Services Subject to VAT
5. Owner-Occupiers of Sheltered Housing Receiving Income-Related Benefits from the Pension Service or Jobcentre Plus for Support Services:
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Owner-occupied sheltered housing and Supporting People
5.3 The Transfer of Responsibility for Funding Support Services for People Receiving Benefits from the Pension Service or Jobcentre Plus
5.4 Disaggregration of Support Charges by the Provider
5.5 Note on Owner-Occupiers Losing Entitlement to MIG/IS/JSA(IB)
Annex 1 - Suggested standard wording from managing agent to owner occupiers warning of the change in April 2003
Annex 2 - Owner-Occupier Spreadsheet
6. Short and Long Term Services
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Key Criteria for Short and Long Term Services
6.3 Other Services
6.4 Human Rights Act 1998 and Disability Discrimination Act 1995
6.5 The Human Rights Act
6.6 The Disability Discrimination Act
6.7 Conclusion
7. Capital Pipeline Projects:
Letter of 22 November 2002
Form A
Form B
Form C
Finding out more about Supporting People