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DescriptionKey Point from the Roundtable Event (25th & 26th March)
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 26, 2003
Key Points from Roundtable Events (25th & 26th March)
  • It is unclear who the partners are or should be - general discussion of partnership reveals a variety of understandings of what it is, from which arise different sets of issues.
  • Success depends very much on the individuals involved in the relationship - culture, skills and behaviours on all sides are vital.
  • There's still a lot of work to do on involving communities. There is more to be done to create genuine opportunities for those who have not been heard to be heard, and to go beyond the usual suspects.
  • The Executive is just one part of the system that partners interact with and need to understand - e.g. Parliamentary committees, party political system, coalition politics, the media, etc.
  • Partners are often unaware of whether they have contributed in any way to final policy outcomes. It is important for there to be quality feedback for those who contribute to the Executive's policy development.
  • It is important that partnership processes are robust enough to withstand changes at Ministerial/ official level.
  • Discussion of SEPs needs to be set within the wider context of constitutional change and new governance.