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A Framework for Higher Education in Scotland: Higher Education Review Phase 2

DescriptionOutcome of Higher Education Review
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 20, 2003


A Framework for Higher Education in Scotland: Higher Education Review Phase 2

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The focus of this review (Terms of Reference at Annex A) has been the higher education provided by the 20 higher education institutions (HEIs) funded by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC) (listed at Annex B). References in this report to the "higher education sector" are to these institutions, which provide almost all of Scotland's degree-level higher education (SCQF level 9 and above), as well as some at Higher National Certificate and Diploma and equivalents (SCQF levels 7 and 8). A significant further proportion - over a quarter - of Scotland's higher education is provided in further education colleges, almost all at SCQF levels 7 and 8. This review has not included a detailed examination of higher education in further education colleges, but has looked at the relationship between further and higher education institutions, and considered the distinctive and important role each plays in providing higher education to meet Scotland's needs.

The work to set out a strategy for higher education in Scotland began in 2001 and the contents of this report draw on the wide range of activities undertaken as outlined at Annex C. This report is not produced as a response to the recently published White Paper for Higher Education in England. * The Executive recognises that there are challenges and opportunities for Scotland in that paper. In taking forward the implementation of this strategy, we will consider the potential implications of developments in England.

*The future of higher education published on 22 January 2003 and available at www.dfes.gov.uk


Ministerial Foreword
1. Executive Summary
2. Roles and Relationships
3. Higher Education in a Changing World
4. Teaching and Learning
5. Research and Knowledge Transfer
6. Governance and Management
7. Funding
8. Conclusions and Implementation

Annex A Terms of Reference
Annex B List of SHEFC funded institutions
Annex C Review process
Annex D Recommendations from the HE Review Advisory Panel
Annex E List of research and other papers provided for the HE Review Advisory Panel