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Tuesday 11/02/2003

School Meals in Education Authority Schools 2001-02 [Statistics]

revised figures from the annual school meals survey conducted in January 2002

Monday 10/02/2003


An essential component of the Scottish Executive's work on mainstreaming equality

Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme LFASS 2003 Explanatory Notes

Guidance on the LFASS scheme

Application of the EU Animal By-Products Regulation

seek views on proposals to bring this Regulation into effect in Scotland.

Further Education: Guidance for 2003-04 [Education and Training]

Ministerial Guidance letter sent to Scottish Further Education Funding Council

Friday 07/02/2003

Council Directive on Community Measures for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease and Amending Directive 92/46/EEC

FMD Consultation Paper

Consultation Letter - Consultation on Proposed EU Directive on Community Measures for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease


Empowered to Practice The Future of Community Learning and Development Training in Scotland [People and Society]

Review of professional training in community learning and development

Public Water Supplies in Scotland: Water Resources Survey 2001-2002 [Environment]

Detail of volume of water supplied in Scotland. Demand of water, leakage and yield for 1/4/01 - 31/3/02

Thursday 06/02/2003

Part IV the Environment Act 1995 Local Air Quality Management: Revised Policy Guidance [Environment]

Revised guidance issued to local authorities to assist them with air quality review and assessment

The Air Quality Strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: Addendum [Environment]

addendum to Air Quality Strategy outlining new objectives

Wednesday 05/02/2003

Sheep Annual Premium Scheme Quotas: Explanatory Guide

Explanatory Guide

Gross Domestic Product for Scotland for the 3rd Quarter of 2002 [Statistics]

Overview of the Economic Situatiion of Scotland for the third quarter of 2002

Scottish Strategy for Victims Progress Report [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Reports on the progress made since the publication of the Scottish Strategy for Victims in January 2001.

Tuesday 04/02/2003

The Scottish Human Rights Commission - Consultation Paper

A consultation paper on The Scottish Human Rights Commission

Human Rights in Scotland - Scottish Civic Forum Consultation Responses [People and Society]

Responses from Scottish Civic Forum Consultation

Local Governance (Scotland) Bill DRAFT [Government]

Local Government Legislation

Organic Action Plan [Agriculture]

Organic Action Plan

The Scottish Human Rights Commission Questionnaire [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Response form for Consultation

Monday 03/02/2003

HRI Core Funded Projects Completed 2002 [Agriculture]

HRI core report summaries for 2002

Showing: 81 to 100 of 107