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Monday 24/02/2003

Report to the Criminal Justice Forum on Short Term Prison Sentences [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Short Term Prison Sentence Report

Scottish Economic Report: February 2003 [Government]

7th edition incorporates a review of the progress and prospects for the Scottish economy

Scottish Executive Response to Custodians of Change Report [Agriculture]

Research Activity

Towards a strategy for Scotland's biodiversity Developing Candidate Indicators of the State of Scotland's Biodiversity [Environment]

Candidate indicators of the state of Scotland's biodiversity developed by the Scottish Biodiversity Forum for consolation as part of the process of developing a strategy for biodiversity in Scotland

Towards a strategy for Scotland's biodiversity: Biodiversity Matters! [Environment]

The Scottish Biodiversity Forum's proposals for a wide ranging strategy for Scotland's biodiversity presented to the Scottish Executive

Towards a strategy for Scotland's biodiversity: Scotland's Biodiversity Resource and Trends [Environment]

Provides a review of the state of Scotland's biodiversity resource and an overview of how it is changing as the background information to the development of a biodiversity strategy for Scotland

Friday 21/02/2003

Building Regulation Note 1/2003 [Housing]

Part J of the Technical Standards as applied to windows, doors and rooflights to alterations, extensions and replacements in existing dwellings

Thursday 20/02/2003

Managing Health at Work Partnership Information Network (PIN) Guideline [Health and Community Care]

This Guideline emphasises the need for employers to promote and support employee health and wellbeing and includes sections on issues that affect the health and safety of staff in their everyday work.

Exclusions from Schools, 2001/2002 [Statistics]

Statistics Publication Notice detailing latest exclusion statistics

Indicators of Sustainable Development for Scotland [Environment]

Detailed report on Scottish Sustainable Development indicators, including historical trends and actions being taken to influence them.

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 - Implementation Part 8 Investigations and Code of Practice [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Circular with Code of Practice on investigations under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Wednesday 19/02/2003

Scottish Refugee Integration Forum: action plan

Key actions identified by SRIF satellite groups

Asylum Seekers in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Research commissioned by the Scottish Executive to explore the effects of the immigration and Asylum Act 1999 on asylum seekers and devolved services in Scotland.

Hungry for Success - A Whole School Approach to School Meals in Scotland: [Education and Training]

Final Report of the Expert Panel on School Meals

Making Progress: Equality Annual Report [People and Society]

This report, Making Progress, charts the progress which the Scottish Executive is making with the Equality Strategy. It compliments the preliminary report published in November 2001.

The National Grid for Learning Summary of progress report 2 [Education and Training]

A summary of the full National Grid for Learning Progress Report 2

The Surface Waters (Fishlife) (Scotland) Directions 2003 [Marine and Fisheries]

This Direction from the Scottish Ministers makes minor amendments to the Direction to SEPA on the quality of fresh waters needing protection or improvement in order to support fishlife.

Tuesday 18/02/2003

Promoting Health - Supporting Inclusion: Healthy Lives, Part of the Community - How nurses and midwives can support children and adults with learning disabilities and their families [Health and Community Care]

"Healthy Lives, Part of the Community" is an easy to read version of the "Promoting Health, Supporting Inclusion" report. It is aimed at people with learning disabilities, and family carers.

Housing Trends in Scotland: Quarter Ending 30 September 2002 [Statistics]

Quarterly analyses of housing activity in Scotland for the third quarter of 2002.

Promoting Excellence in Scotland a guide to quality schemes and the delivery of public services [Government]

This is guide to the use of quality schemes and tools to deliver improvements in public services

Showing: 41 to 60 of 107