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Towards a strategy for Scotland's biodiversity: Biodiversity Matters!

DescriptionThe Scottish Biodiversity Forum's proposals for a wide ranging strategy for Scotland's biodiversity presented to the Scottish Executive
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 24, 2003


Towards a strategy for Scotland's biodiversity:
Biodiversity Matters!

Proposed strategy prepared by the Scottish Biodiversity Forum

February 2003
Paper 2003/5

This document is also available in pdf format (252k)


Executive Summary

1. Introducing Biodiversity Matters
1.1 What is it all about?
1.2 Why does Scotland need a biodiversity strategy?
1.2.1 Biodiversity is fundamental to Sustainable Development Business and Biodiversity
1.2.2 Our quality of life depends upon healthy biodiversity
1.2.3 Scotland's Wealth of Biodiversity
1.2.4 Our Biodiversity is under threat
1.2.5 Scotland has an international obligation
1.3 What has been achieved so far?

2. Making Biodiversity Matter: The Strategy
2.1 Strategy purpose and vision
2.2 Aims
2.3 Strategy Principles
2.3.1 Providing the framework for biodiversity action in Scotland;
2.3.2 Promoting the conservation, enhancement and sustainable use of Scotland's biodiversity by placing peopl
at the heart of the strategy
2.3.3 Gathering, developing and applying the best available existing and new knowledge to assist people in understanding, caring for and making wise use of Scotland's biodiversity

3. Contributing to Biodiversity Protection & Enhancement
3.1 Scotland's countryside
3.1.1 Sustainable Rural Development
3.1.2 Farming
3.1.3 Forestry and Woodland Management
3.1.4 The Freshwater Environment
3.1.5 Leisure and Quality of life
3.1.6 Knowledge and Information
3.2 Scotland's Built Environment
3.2.1 The built environment for biodiversity and people
3.2.2 Land Management and Planning
3.2.3 Biodiversity - helping to create a vibrant economy
3.2.4 Biodiversity - it's everyone's concern
3.2.5 Knowing the resource
3.3 Scotland's maritime environment
3.3.1 The framework for action
3.3.2 Fisheries and aquaculture
3.3.3 Putting people at the centre: building the base of support and encouraging individual action
3.3.4 Managing data and information

4. Action for biodiversity
4.1 The Agenda for Action
4.2 Implementation
4.3 Monitoring Scotland's biodiversity resource
4.4 Strategy Review


Further copies of this paper are available:

Elaine McCall
SBF Secretariat
Scottish Executive Environment & Rural Affairs Department
Area 1-J (South)
Victoria Quay

E-mail: biodiversity@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

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