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Annual Listing of Publications

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Friday 29/11/2002

Scottish Coastal Socio-Economic Scoping Study [Environment]

This report provides an understanding of the social and economic make-up of coastal areas, how the coastal population in regions of Scotland is changing and future directions for coastal communitities

Thursday 28/11/2002

Council Tax on Second and Long-Term Empty Homes: A Consultation Paper

Consultation paper seeking views on whether council tax discounts on second/long-term empty homes should be changed

NHSScotland - Influenza Update, 2001/02 [Health and Community Care]

Statistics relating to influenza GP consultations and influenza vaccines dispensed in the community across Scotland.

NHSScotland Acute Activity, Waiting Times and Waiting Lists - to quarter ending September 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Update of acute activity, waiting times and waiting lists on Scottish Health on the Web (SHOW) - information up to 30 September 2002.

NHSScotland Cervical Cytology Workload Statistics - quarter ending June 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Information on cervical smears examined by NHS laboratories in Scotland during the quarter ending 30 June 2002.

NHSScotland Child Health Morbidity Statistics [Health and Community Care]

Statistics on childhood hospital admissions.

NHSScotland Prescribing Information, 2001 [Health and Community Care]

Information on the number and cost of prescriptions dispensed in the community in Scotland for year ending March 2002.

Scottish Health Service Costs, year ended 31 March 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Detailed comparative cost and activity information relating to the provision of health services in Scotland and give an indication of the investment in NHSScotland.

Children Educated Outwith School, 2001/02 [Statistics]

Results of the 2001/02 survey of children educated outwith school

Children Looked After 2001-02 [Statistics]

Summary statistics on looked after children in Scotland

Homicides in Scotland in 2001 - Statistics Published [Statistics]

Annual statistics on homicides

New Deal for Unemployed People in Scotland: Statistics to End September 2002 [Statistics]

Statistical news release for the New Deal programmes in Scotland

Wednesday 27/11/2002

Home Care Services, Scotland 2002 [Statistics]

National figures for home care services provided or purchased by local authorities in Scotland

Raising Standards - Setting Targets: Setting Targets in Scottish Schools. National and Education Authority Information 2001 [Statistics]

Education Authority results of Raising Standards - Setting Targets 1998-2001

Scottish Coastal Socio-Economic Scoping Study - Research Findings [Research]

This report gives a detailed understanding of social/economic make-up of coastal areas, how coastal population in regions of Scotland is changing & possible future directions for coastal communities.

Tuesday 26/11/2002

Consultation Document - National Scrapie Plan: Scrapie Flocks Scheme [Rural Development]

A consultation document about the Scrapie Flocks Scheme

Interim response to the final report of the Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee's Inquiry into Lifelong Learning [Education and Training]

Interim response welcoming ELL Committee's final report and giving outline of Executive's views on the Committee's recommendations

Monday 25/11/2002

"It's everyone's job to make sure I'm alright" - Report of the Child Protection Audit and Review [People and Society]

This report presents the findings and recommendations of a review of child protection practice which was carried out across Scotland

Child Protection Review - Report of Consultation Exercise [People and Society]

Analysis of consultation responses for Child Protection Review

Public Understanding, Expectations and Views about Child Protection in Scotland [People and Society]

Survey of public views on child protection. part of the Child Protection Review

Showing: 121 to 140 of 1116