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Annual Listing of Publications

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Wednesday 04/12/2002

5-14 Attainment in Publicly Funded Schools 2001/2002 (by June 2002) [Statistics]

News Release detailing the results of 5-14 attainment in reading, writing and mathematics in publicly funded schools by June 2002

Arable Area Payments Scheme 2003 [Agriculture]

Explanatory Booklet on the Arable Area Payments Scheme for 2003

Insight 2: The Impact of ICT Initiatives in Scottish Schools [Research]

Report of a research project to provide feedback on the effect of ICT investment in schools, focusing on P7, S4 and teachers.

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Initiatives in Scottish Schools [Research]

Full report of a project providing feedback on the effect of investment in ICT access and provision in schools.

Monday 02/12/2002

choose life : A National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

The National Suicide Prevention Action Plan, which forms the policy developed alongside the National Programme for the Improvement of Mental Health and Well-Being in Scotland.

The Future's Not What It Used To Be....... It's Brighter - Making the Most of Your 50+ Opportunities - Poster [People and Society]

Poster for leaflet

The Future's Not What It Used To Be......... It's Brighter - Making the Most of Your 50+ Opportunities [People and Society]


Chartered Teacher Status: Frequently Asked Questions [Education and Training]

Questions and answers about the new Chartered Teacher grade, introduced through A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century

Connecting Scotland our broadband future: Making it Happen [Education and Training]

Update to the Executives Broadband Strategy

Consultation on Vulnerable Adults: Analysis of the Responses [Health and Community Care]

Detailed analysis of responses to a consultation, undertaken in spring 2002, on proposals for possible legislative change in regard to vulnerable adults

Protecting Our Fish Stocks - Code Of Enforcement Practice [Rural Development]

Leaflet outlining the aims of the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency and how the Agency does its job

Standard for Chartered Teacher [Education and Training]

New professional standard for teachers seeking challenging careers without having to pursue management posts

Sunday 01/12/2002

Development Plan Progress December 2002 [Planning]

Development Plan Progress December 2002

Friday 29/11/2002

Infection Control Standards for Adult Care Homes: A Consultation

a consultation document about how infection control standards might be organised and assessed in an adult care environment

AGENDA information for older people - ISSUE 3 (Autumn / Winter 2002) [People and Society]

Older People's Newsletter

Working Together for Race Equality - The Scottish Executive's Race Equality Scheme

Executive's Race Equality Scheme required under RRA (Statutory) Duties (Scotland) Order 2002

Scotland’s Major Events Strategy 2003-2015: “Competing on an international stage”

major events strategy

Learning From Experience - How to Improve Safety for Patients in Scotland

Patient safety is a key issue in providing the highest quality of clinical care. This consultation paper sets out how we propose to deal with these matters in Scotland.

Drinking Water Quality in Scotland 2001 [Environment]

report on the quality of water supplied in Scotland for drinking

Public Attitudes to the Environment in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

These are research findings from a survey of public attitudes to the environment carried out in 2002. 4000 people across Scotland were asked their views on a range of topical environmental attitudes.

Showing: 101 to 120 of 1116