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Annual Listing of Publications

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Wednesday 18/12/2002

AAP (2003) MAS MP.doc [Agriculture]

Arable Area Payments Scheme - Multi-annual Set-Aside: How to prepare a Management Plan

Arable Area Payments Scheme (AAPS) Multi-annual Set-Aside (MAS) Management Plan

IACS 23 (2003) Application Form (4 pages)

Arable Area Payments Scheme Application for transfers of and withdrawals from multi-annual set-aside agreements

IACS 24 (2003) Application Form (6 pages)

Arable Area Payments Scheme Application to enter land into Multi-annual Set-aside: from 15 January 2003 for 3, 4 or 5 years

IACS 22 (2003) Application Form (4 pages)

Residential Care Homes, Scotland 2002 [Statistics]

The purpose of this Statistics Release is to present national figures for residential care homes for adults in Scotland. All figures relate to the 31st March 2002 and are provisional.

Scottish Local Authority Compendium of Health Statistics 2001/02 [Health and Community Care]

A variety of health and health service statistics presented at local authority level.

Vacancy Monitoring in Residential Care Homes and Nursing Homes, Scotland 2002 [Health and Community Care]

The purpose of this Statistics Release is to present information on occupancy rates, admissions and vacancies in residential care homes for older people and nursing homes in Scotland.

Building a Sustainable Scotland

Explains how the Scottish Executive incorporated sustainable development into the Spending Review 2002.

Destinations of Leavers from Scottish Schools: 2001/02 [Statistics]

A web only ECSU Statistical News Release

Insight 1: Classroom Assistants: Key Issues from the National Evaluation [Research]

Report of a national evaluation of the Classroom Assistant Initiative in primary schools.

Professional Review and Development: Frequently Asked Questions [Education and Training]

Some frequently asked questions and answers about the farmework for professional review and development.

Research on the Private Rented Sector in Scotland [Research]

Draws on a survey of local authorities, interviews with landlords and letting agents, focus groups with tenants living in the private rented sector to provide a picture of how the sector operates.

Tuesday 17/12/2002

Determined to Succeed - A Review of Enterprise in Education: Evidence Report [Education and Training]

Research on Enterprise in Education

Determined to Succeed: A Review of Enterprise in Education [Education and Training]

Recommendations Report from the Review Group on Education for Work and Enterprise

'Don't They Call it Seamless Care?': A Study of Acute Psychiatric Discharge [Health and Community Care]

A study of policy and practice in relation to discharge from psychiatric care. focuses on the experience of individuals who had spent between a week and six months as a psychiatric in-patients

Household Transport in 2001: some Scottish Household Survey results [Statistics]

provides information about the transport facilities available to private households (e.g. cars, and bus services) and about some travel by household members (e.g. to school and work)

Monday 16/12/2002

Choices and challenges - The strategy for research and development in nursing and midwifery in Scotland [Research]

Sets the agenda for the future of nursing and midwifery research and development as indicated in Caring for Scotland 2001.

Draft National Care Standards for Childcare Agencies: A Consultation Paper [Health and Community Care]

A consultation paper for National Care Standards for Childcare Agencies.

Charity Regulation in Scotland [Law, Order and Public Safety]

response to Scottish Charity Law Review Commission report (McFadden)

Delete - Young People and Transport - Research Findings

To gain an understanding of young people’s views, opinions and their experiences of public transport in Scotland. Findings indicate better reliability and frequency of services is required.

Showing: 41 to 60 of 1116