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Wednesday 04/12/2002

5-14 Attainment in Publicly Funded Schools 2001/2002 (by June 2002) [Statistics]

News Release detailing the results of 5-14 attainment in reading, writing and mathematics in publicly funded schools by June 2002

Arable Area Payments Scheme 2003 [Agriculture]

Explanatory Booklet on the Arable Area Payments Scheme for 2003

Insight 2: The Impact of ICT Initiatives in Scottish Schools [Research]

Report of a research project to provide feedback on the effect of ICT investment in schools, focusing on P7, S4 and teachers.

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Initiatives in Scottish Schools [Research]

Full report of a project providing feedback on the effect of investment in ICT access and provision in schools.

Monday 02/12/2002

choose life : A National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

The National Suicide Prevention Action Plan, which forms the policy developed alongside the National Programme for the Improvement of Mental Health and Well-Being in Scotland.

The Future's Not What It Used To Be....... It's Brighter - Making the Most of Your 50+ Opportunities - Poster [People and Society]

Poster for leaflet

The Future's Not What It Used To Be......... It's Brighter - Making the Most of Your 50+ Opportunities [People and Society]


Chartered Teacher Status: Frequently Asked Questions [Education and Training]

Questions and answers about the new Chartered Teacher grade, introduced through A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century

Connecting Scotland our broadband future: Making it Happen [Education and Training]

Update to the Executives Broadband Strategy

Consultation on Vulnerable Adults: Analysis of the Responses [Health and Community Care]

Detailed analysis of responses to a consultation, undertaken in spring 2002, on proposals for possible legislative change in regard to vulnerable adults

Protecting Our Fish Stocks - Code Of Enforcement Practice [Rural Development]

Leaflet outlining the aims of the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency and how the Agency does its job

Standard for Chartered Teacher [Education and Training]

New professional standard for teachers seeking challenging careers without having to pursue management posts

Sunday 01/12/2002

Development Plan Progress December 2002 [Planning]

Development Plan Progress December 2002

Showing: 101 to 113 of 113