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Scottish Screen a Review by the Scottish Executive


SCOTTISH SCREEN - A Review by the Scottish Executive


1. This is the report of the Review of Scottish Screen requested by Ministers following their review of all NDPBs in 2001.

2. Scottish Ministers indicated their intention to review Scottish Screen in the report of their wider review of Scotland's NDPBs published in July 2001 ("Public Bodies: Proposals For Change'). Ministers identified their wish to review the future role of Scottish Screen in relation to the overall approach to the creative industries in Scotland.

3. Ministers subsequently agreed the following terms of reference for the review:

To review the creative industries in Scotland and the present pattern of public policy and support making particular reference to:

  • The potential and role of film making and production in Scotland including:

  • the role of Scottish Screen in fulfilling the potential for film making and production

  • the effectiveness of present programmes of support for film making

  • the role and contribution of agencies other than Scottish Screen to support for film making in Scotland

  • alternative patterns of support

  • developments in new media and digital technology and their impact on the Scottish economy in general and film production specifically,

and to make recommendations.

4. In addition, this review took account of the overall framework for the consideration of the continuing existence and functioning of NDPBs which Ministers also set out in the July 2001 report. This framework requires that a NDPB:

  • should have a distinct role to play and functions to perform that cannot be carried out at least as effectively by any other organisation;

  • should be clearly accountable to Ministers and the people whom they serve for the functions they perform;

  • should be able to work in a joined-up way with other organisations and be able to draw new people into the processes of government in its widest sense;

  • should be properly run, efficient and effective, and deliver value for money.

5. The review of Scottish Screen took place between October 2001 and March 2002 with the full co-operation of Scottish Screen and the participation of a wide range of customers and stakeholders. The review was conducted by Jane Jeffrey of the Sport Art and Culture Division of The Scottish Executive Education Department, and was overseen by a Steering Committee comprising Bob Irvine (Head of the Sport Arts and Culture Division, David Wilson (Head of Enterprise Division, Scottish Executive Enterprise and Life Long Learning Department), David Reilly (Scottish Enterprise), James Lee (Chair Scottish Screen) and Steve McIntyre (CEO, Scottish Screen).

6. In support of the review two pieces of research were commissioned. The first study - which is continuing - is being conducted in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and PACT to update and expand upon the 1996 Report 'Scotland on Screen' and examine the potential for growth, nature of opportunities and blockages, and benchmarks for success. That study is still in progress and will complete in autumn 2002.

7. It was identified as necessary in order to give an updated and realistic vision of what the screen industries in Scotland can achieve. Part of the concern behind the review was that although Scottish Screen was established with much anticipation as to the prospects of a Scottish screen industry little care was taken in setting out what clearly could be achieved.
In addition there have been developments since the creation of Scottish Screen which must impact on the vision of what a Scottish industry can achieve. These include the arrival (and levelling off) of lottery funding, developments in digital technology (some of which have been slower than might have been anticipated) and developments in the broadcasting world.

8. The second report was commissioned by the Scottish Executive from Stewart Black and Kathleen Benham and reviews 'The Aims and Objectives of Scottish Screen and Impact in Achieving Them'. That report was received in April 2002 and its recommendations are reflected in the conclusions of this report.

9. Outside these specific studies the review is based on extensive interviews and discussions with relevant interests who are listed at Annex C.