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Professional Review and Development 2002


Professional Review and Development 2002


Professional Review and Development:

  • aims to improve the professional knowledge, skills and confidence of teachers and enhance school effectiveness;
  • celebrates success, recognises good performance and makes clear to teachers that they are valued and appreciated;
  • identifies and provides for the professional development needs of teachers and consequently assists the school to take forward the development plan;
  • is integrated with the existing arrangements for school development planning;
  • bases annual review of teachers' work on self-evaluation, personal reflection and achievement of the previous CPD plan, while taking account of wider and longer-term professional development issues;
  • recognises the strengths and needs of individual teachers and their priorities for professional development;
  • is straightforward and simple and links into the regular monitoring and evaluation of the work of the school;
  • keeps records to a minimum, while ensuring that:
  • the teacher has a clear set of agreed development objectives;
  • agreed development objectives and activities are recorded;
  • the professional development co-ordinator has an overview of the implications individual needs might have for the overall planning process;
  • includes all teachers;
  • ensures that each teacher is given annual feedback;
  • ensures that reviewees and reviewers are well prepared for the professional review and development process by:
  • setting and agreeing development objectives;
  • setting and agreeing development activities; and
  • monitoring and supporting progress.
  • includes evaluating the process; and
  • accommodates unanticipated development objectives and related activities as they arise through the year.