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Professional Review and Development 2002


Professional Review and Development 2002

Exemplar 3: CPD Framework

This framework provides one option for describing progressive professionalism. It contains themes organised around each of the seven key areas from How Good is Our School? These themes are intended to reflect progressive development opportunities as teachers gain experience. The lists are not meant to be exhaustive. Teachers, schools or local authorities may wish to extend or revise them or to develop alternative models to assist the professional review and development process.

The suggested CPD framework assumes that there are six stages in professional development/career progression, starting with "Beginnings" for probationers and ending with "Ongoing Development" for teachers at all levels.

This framework could form a basis for teachers' professional review and for their development planning.

Teachers might use the framework in the following ways:

  • as a self-evaluation tool to aid reflection when preparing for professional review;
  • to track their own professional development or to advise others;
  • to map next steps in development for themselves or with other individuals or teams; and
  • to monitor and support progress in meeting development objectives.

Managers might also wish to use the framework:

  • as a basis for discussion during review; and
  • to inform planning of continuing professional development opportunities for teachers.

Note: The diagram on the next page is not suggesting an inevitable progression from excellence in learning and teaching into management and, ultimately, headship. Career paths in learning and teaching and in leading and managing are distinct and equally valid and challenging. There is no hierarchy between the two.

CPD Framework

Exemplar 4: CPD Profile


Implementation at Local Authority and School Level

These guidelines are intended to be sufficiently flexible to enable schools and local authorities to set the national recommendations within the context of their own local systems. The checklist on page 21 aims to assist schools and local authorities to develop their processes in line with national recommendations.

The authority and its schools should have a policy and strategy on professional review and development which encompasses the features outlined in the checklist on page 21.