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Friday 29/11/2002

Infection Control Standards for Adult Care Homes: A Consultation

a consultation document about how infection control standards might be organised and assessed in an adult care environment

AGENDA information for older people - ISSUE 3 (Autumn / Winter 2002) [People and Society]

Older People's Newsletter

Working Together for Race Equality - The Scottish Executive's Race Equality Scheme

Executive's Race Equality Scheme required under RRA (Statutory) Duties (Scotland) Order 2002

Scotland’s Major Events Strategy 2003-2015: “Competing on an international stage”

major events strategy

Learning From Experience - How to Improve Safety for Patients in Scotland

Patient safety is a key issue in providing the highest quality of clinical care. This consultation paper sets out how we propose to deal with these matters in Scotland.

Drinking Water Quality in Scotland 2001 [Environment]

report on the quality of water supplied in Scotland for drinking

Public Attitudes to the Environment in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

These are research findings from a survey of public attitudes to the environment carried out in 2002. 4000 people across Scotland were asked their views on a range of topical environmental attitudes.

Scottish Coastal Socio-Economic Scoping Study [Environment]

This report provides an understanding of the social and economic make-up of coastal areas, how the coastal population in regions of Scotland is changing and future directions for coastal communitities

Thursday 28/11/2002

Council Tax on Second and Long-Term Empty Homes: A Consultation Paper

Consultation paper seeking views on whether council tax discounts on second/long-term empty homes should be changed

NHSScotland - Influenza Update, 2001/02 [Health and Community Care]

Statistics relating to influenza GP consultations and influenza vaccines dispensed in the community across Scotland.

NHSScotland Acute Activity, Waiting Times and Waiting Lists - to quarter ending September 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Update of acute activity, waiting times and waiting lists on Scottish Health on the Web (SHOW) - information up to 30 September 2002.

NHSScotland Cervical Cytology Workload Statistics - quarter ending June 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Information on cervical smears examined by NHS laboratories in Scotland during the quarter ending 30 June 2002.

NHSScotland Child Health Morbidity Statistics [Health and Community Care]

Statistics on childhood hospital admissions.

NHSScotland Prescribing Information, 2001 [Health and Community Care]

Information on the number and cost of prescriptions dispensed in the community in Scotland for year ending March 2002.

Scottish Health Service Costs, year ended 31 March 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Detailed comparative cost and activity information relating to the provision of health services in Scotland and give an indication of the investment in NHSScotland.

Children Educated Outwith School, 2001/02 [Statistics]

Results of the 2001/02 survey of children educated outwith school

Children Looked After 2001-02 [Statistics]

Summary statistics on looked after children in Scotland

Homicides in Scotland in 2001 - Statistics Published [Statistics]

Annual statistics on homicides

New Deal for Unemployed People in Scotland: Statistics to End September 2002 [Statistics]

Statistical news release for the New Deal programmes in Scotland

Wednesday 27/11/2002

Home Care Services, Scotland 2002 [Statistics]

National figures for home care services provided or purchased by local authorities in Scotland

Showing: 1 to 20 of 99