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Tuesday 24/09/2002

Towards Better Oral Health in Children - A Consultation Document on Children's Oral Health in Scotland

A Consultation Document on Children's Oral Health in Scotland

Operation of the Homeless Persons Legislation in Scotland; Quarters ending 31st December 2001 and 31st March 2002 [Statistics]

Information about households that applied as homeless during Jan-March 2002, as well as information about households in temporary accommodation at the end of December 2001 and end March 2002.

Monday 23/09/2002

The Statutory Process - Taking the M74 Completion forward [Transport]

This shows the proposed route being taken forward as a trunk road project by the Scottish Ministers and was prepared for the voluntary public consultation exercise held in September 2002.

Winter Flu Campaign 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Flu campaign materials - 2002


This project explores requirements for research into business-related bankruptcy and associated methodological issues.

Housing (Scotland) Act 2001: Homelessness Update [Housing]

Letter enclosing guidance on s.5 of the 2001 Act and an update to the Code of Guidance on Homelessness relating to the provision of temporary accommodation

Renewing Local Democracy: The Next Steps - Summary of Issues and Responses Received [Government]

This information is also available from SPIce.

Friday 20/09/2002

Housing (Scotland) Act 2001- Model Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement [Housing]

Short model Scottish secure tenancy agreement

Housing(Scotland)Act 2001- Guidance on Tenant Participation [Housing]

guidance on tenant participation

Right to Compensation for Improvements - Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 [Housing]

leaflet on tenants rights under the compensation for improvement scheme

Right to Repair - Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 [Housing]

leaflet for tenants on the right to repair scheme

Thursday 19/09/2002

Proposed Changes to the National List Written Representations and Hearings Procedures [Rural Development]

This paper sets out proposals for changing the Written Representations & Hearings provisions in the Seeds (National Lists of Varieties) Regulations 2001.

Extending Independent Nurse Prescribing within NHSScotland [Health and Community Care]

This guidance sets out the administrative or procedural steps that are needed to enable nurses and midwives to prescribe from the extended formulary, and provides information & advice on good practice

Investigation of Work Pressures within the Scottish Executive - Research Finding No 10 [Research]

In-depth sruvey exploring aspects of work pressures and work life balance.

Model Revised Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement [Housing]

This is the revised model Scottish secure tenancy agreement

Results of the Scottish Executive Staff Survey 2002 - Research Findings [Research]

Annual staff survey carried out by the Central Research Unit investigating staff views on a range of issues including working pattern s; training and development; and communication.

The Scottish Secure Tenancy - A Leaflet for Tenants [Housing]

This is a leaflet which outlines the rights of tenants under the Scottish secure tenancy.

Youth Justice in Scotland - A progress report for all those working for young people [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Newsletter on the progress of work underway across Scotland to reduce youth crime

Wednesday 18/09/2002

HM Inspector of Prisons - Annual Report 2001-2002 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Annual Report 2001-2002 on inspections of prisons in Scotland.

Right to Buy - Changes to the “Cost Floor” Rules [People and Society]

Information on, and copy of determination effective from 30 September 2002

Showing: 21 to 40 of 95