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Fire Statistics Scotland, 2000



12 Casualties from fires by age and cause of death/nature of injury, Scotland, 2000 (Table 5) (Charts 5 & 6)

12.1 Burns were the cause of 14 out of 75 fatal casualties in 2000; being overcome by gas or smoke caused 24 fatal casualties; 27 fatal casualties were caused by a combination of both causes (i.e. burns and being overcome by gas and smoke), 1 fatal casualty was caused by physical injuries and 9 by an unspecified cause. 31, (41 per cent of the 75 fatal casualties) occurred in the 30-59 age category.

12.2 Of the 2,208 non-fatal casualties who were not members of fire brigades in 2000, 751 (34 per cent) were due to being overcome by gas and smoke and 982 (44 per cent) belonged to the precautionary checks category. 971 of these non-fatal casualties (44 per cent of non-fatal casualties who were not member of fire brigades) belonged to the 30-59 age group, followed by 272 (12 per cent) in the 17-24 age group. Non-fatal casualties in the 30-59 age group were mostly caused by being overcome by smoke and gas (336 non-fatal casualties or 35 per cent) and 418 (43 per cent) required only precautionary check-ups. The nature of non-fatal casualties (non-fire brigade) tends towards precautionary check-ups as the age group gets younger (40 per cent of total non-fatal casualties for 80 years and older, 82 per cent for under 1's).

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