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Fire Statistics Scotland, 2000



8 Detail of outdoor fires (including secondary fires), Scotland, 1990-2000 (Table 3)

8.1 In 2000, total primary outdoor fires fell by 232 fires (3 per cent) from 7,178 fires in 1999 to 6,946 fires in 2000. Over the last 10 years however, they have risen by 1,617 fires or 30 per cent. The main cause for this is the 49 per cent (1,974 fires) increase in fires in road vehicles. In 2000, fires in road vehicles comprised 86 per cent of all primary outdoors fires.

8.2 Over the past decade total Scottish secondary fires have risen by 41 per cent (9,409 fires). The principal categories of secondary fires that this rise can be attributed to are (i) an increase in grassland & heathland fires by 77 per cent or 3,256 fires and (ii) an increase in refuse fires by 31 per cent or 4,951 fires. 65 per cent (20,954) of all secondary fires in 2000 involved refuse or refuse containers.