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Fire Statistics Scotland, 2000



5. Fires by location and brigade area, Scotland (England, Wales & Northern Ireland), 2000 (Table 1a) (Chart 3)

5.1 In 2000, just over half (53 per cent or 29,600 fires) of total Scottish fires occurred in Strathclyde (which also accounted for 44 per cent of the Scottish population). Similarly Strathclyde accounted for 49 per cent of Scottish total buildings fires and 53 per cent of Scottish primary outdoors fires. Furthermore Strathclyde reported 58 per cent of Scottish secondary fires, but only 16 per cent of total Scottish chimney fires. Of the brigade areas, Dumfries and Galloway which accounted for 3 per cent of the Scottish population, accounted for 2 per cent (1,000 fires) of total Scottish fires.


5.2 Within the UK, Scotland accounted for 12 per cent of buildings fires, 6 per cent of primary outdoors fires, 13 per cent of secondary fires and 20 per cent of chimney fires in 2000.