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Thursday 07/03/2002

Over the Threshold? - Research Findings [Health and Community Care]

Summary of a study of the extent to which very frail older people can be maintained in their own homes with intensive packages of domiciliary care.

Scottish Household Survey Bulletin No. 7 - Life Cycles

This bulletin considers the differences and similarities between different age groups.

Summary Justice Review Consultation on First Order Issues

Review of summary justice in Scotland

Wednesday 06/03/2002

Planning Advice Note PAN 38 Revised 2002 - Housing Land Consultation Draft

Provides advice on good planning practice

Tuesday 05/03/2002

Putting The Pieces In Place - Scotland's Health Improvement Fund

Investment Report 2001 (How the Fund has been used)

The Environmental Protection Act - Pollution Prevention And Control (Solvent Emissions Directive) (Scotland) Direction 2002

regulation relating to solvent emissions & control direction 2002

The Environmental Protection Act - Solvent Emissions Directive (Scotland) Direction 2002

description of solvent emissions directive in relation to the environmental pollution act

Monday 04/03/2002

Housing (Scotland) Act 2001: Consultation On Draft Guidance On The Tenant Participation Provisions In The Act

Consultation On Draft Guidance On The Tenant Participation Provisions

Proposals To Change The "Cost Floor" Rules For Tenants With The Right To Buy

Consultation paper inviting comments on Cost Floor Rules

Friday 01/03/2002

Report of the Inquiry into SHEFC Reviews of Teaching and Research Funding

report of the inquiry into SHEFC reviews of teaching and research funding

Suckler Cow Quotas - Explanatory Guide

Guide provides valuable guidance to producers which is relevant all year round.

Showing: 81 to 91 of 91