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Housing and Anti-Social Behaviour: The Way Ahead

Housing and Anti-Social Behaviour: The Way Ahead


  • The Government welcomed the conclusions reached by the Committee. The recommendations formed the basis for a package of legislative and administrative measures to deal with the problem of anti-social behaviour, which were announced by the then Minister, Malcolm Chisholm, MP on 17 October 1997.
  • The new legislative measures announced by Mr Chisholm, and brought in under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, were as follows:
  • additional discretionary grounds for eviction where criminal activity takes place in the vicinity of a tenanted property or is committed by a visitor to the property; and
  • specific powers for the police to seize noise -making equipment which is disturbing neighbouring households.

The Crime and Disorder Act also introduced various other measures designed to help tackle problems in the community, notably the introduction of Anti-social Behaviour Orders and these are discussed below.

  • This document proposes action on two outstanding recommendations. the Government announced that at aThe forthcoming housing bill to be published next year provides a suitable legislative opportunity they would to:
  • introduce legislation to make it possible for local authorities, using their discretion in certain defined circumstances, to offer a probationary tenancy instead of a secure tenancy; and
  • to suspend the Right to Buy from anti-social tenants while eviction proceedings are taking place, in line with the position in England and Wales.

This document proposes action on both these outstanding recommendations.