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Annual Listing of Publications

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Thursday 11/03/1999

Attitudes Towards Crime, Victimisation and the Police in Scotland: A Comparison of White and Ethnic Minority Views - Research Findings [Research]

This was the first time that a crime survey has been conducted in Scotland to see if there were any ethnic differences in crime victimisation and in perceptions of crime and of the police.

Final report of the Borders Working Party established by Lord Macdonald in August 1998 - published 11 March 1999

Final report of the Borders Working Party

Interim report of the Borders Working Party established by Lord Macdonald in August 1998 - published 10 December 1998

Interim report of the Borders Working Party

Mentally Disordered Offenders and Criminal Proceedings - Research Findings [Research]

Monitors & assesses the operation & impact of the provisions contained within Part VI of the 1995 Act, relating to unfitness to plead, examination of facts and the insanity defence.

Thursday 04/03/1999

Notes for guidance on the selection and installation of satellite position monitoring terminals on fishing vessels

advise on the installation of satellite monitoring equipment

Satellite monitoring of UK fishing vessels

A SFPA method of monitoring fishing vessels

Monday 01/03/1999

Circular 4/1999 [Planning]

Circular 4/1999

Planning Advice Note PAN 54 PLANNING ENFORCEMENT [Planning]




Wednesday 24/02/1999

An Evaluation of the 1997/98 Keep Warm This Winter Campaign - Research Findings [Research]

This research explored public awareness of the campaign and analysed use of the telephone helpline in order to assess the success of the campaign and inform decisions about its future.

Tuesday 16/02/1999

Resolving Neighbour Disputes Through Mediation in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This study describes the extent to which mediation was available in Scotland in Spring 1998 and describes the strengths and weaknesses.

Service Provision to Women Experiencing Domestic Violence In Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

The report contains recommendations for action to address issues relating to women experiencing domestic violence in Scotland.

Monday 15/02/1999

One Stop Shop Arrangements for Development Related Local Authority Functions - Research Findings [Research]

This work was commissioned to examine the arrangements being developed by local authorities to bring together development related local authority functions.

Friday 12/02/1999

Expenditure on Criminal Legal Aid: Report on a Comparative Study of Scotland, England and Wales and the Netherlands - Research Findings [Research]

Pilot comparative study suggest why spending on Criminal Legal Aid is much higher (per head of population) in England and Wales, and Scotland than the Netherlands.

Thursday 11/02/1999

Review of Development Planning in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

The research was commissioned by The Scottish Office Development Department in September 1996 to review the operation of the development plan system.

Seat Belt Wearing in Scotland - A Study on Compliance - Research Findings [Research]

This report was commissioned to obtain a reliable measure of the extent to which seat belts and other restraints are currently used in Scotland by car, taxi and light van occupants.

Thursday 28/01/1999

Additional Capital Allocations for Homelessness Projects - Research Findings [Research]

This research examined the effectiveness of the allocations resulting from bidding competitions in 1991-92 and 1992-93 when a total of £22.6 million was awarded for 160 projects.

Drug Misuse in Scotland: Findings from the 1993 and 1996 Scottish Crime Surveys - Research Findings [Research]

As part of the 1993 Scottish Crime Survey (SCS), respondents between the ages of 16 and 59 were asked a series of questions about their knowledge and use of controlled drugs and solvents.

Information Needs of Scottish Jurors: Evaluation of the Scottish Courts Service Booklet - Research Findings [Research]

This research evaluated how effectively the booklet meets the information needs of members of the public called for jury service.

Running the Red: An Evaluation of Strathclyde Police's Red Light Camera Initiative - Research Findings [Research]

The traffic behavioural study looked at the effect of the red light cameras on the behaviour of drivers at these junctions between 1991 and 1994.

Showing: 121 to 140 of 169