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Wednesday 27/01/1999

Review of Land Cover of Scotland 1988 - Research Findings [Research]

The Land Cover of Scotland 1988 exercise (LCS88) was the first detailed census of the Land Cover of Rural Scotland. This report examines that report and its findings.

Specialism in Private Legal Practice: The Provision and Use of Specialist Resources by Solicitors in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

To examine the provision and use of specialist resources by principals in private legal practice in Scotland.

The Deterrent Effect of Enforcement in Road Safety - Research Findings [Research]

This report was commissioned to investigate the deterrent effect of enforcement in road safety. More specifically the research examined drivers' awareness of penalties.

The Provision of Housing and Community Care in Rural Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This study was commissioned to examine the particular problems associated with delivery of housing of community care in rural areas to identify and describe how these problems can be addressed.

The Scottish Crime Survey 1993: First Results - Research Findings [Research]

By asking people directly about experiences they can provide information which is not available from other sources and offer an important complement to information from statistics of crimes.

The Scottish Rural Transport Action Guide: Practical Advice on How to Address your Community's Transport Needs - Research Findings [Research]

A summary of the guide which provides practical advice on how rural communities can address their transport needs.

Tuesday 26/01/1999

Development Department Research Programme 1998-99 [Research]

Details of future planned research, ongoing research and publications.

Environment Group Research Programme 1998-99 [Research]

An outline of the focus of research in each policy area in 1998-1999 is included along with brief details of new projects.

Social Work Services Group Research Priorities 1996 - 1999 [Research]

Research Document

Monday 25/01/1999

Circular 3/1999 [Planning]

Circular 3/1999

Tuesday 12/01/1999

An Assessment of Air Quality Monitoring in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This report evaluates and assesses the spatial coverage of existing air quality monitoring networks within Scotland.

Tuesday 05/01/1999

Circular 2/1999 [Planning]

Circular 2/1999

Friday 01/01/1999

NPPG 14: Natural Heritage [Planning]

NPPG 14: Natural Heritage

Showing: 21 to 33 of 33