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This is an archived section of the Scottish Government website. External links, forms and search may not work on archived pages and content/contact details are likely to be out of date.

Search Tips

To search for a word or phrase, enter it into the search text box. If you separate the words with and then the search will return pages where all the words appear, but they don't need to be next to each other on the page.


Search PhraseWhat it will find
scottish parliamentpages containing the words 'scottish' and/or 'parliament'
"scottish parliament"pages containing the exact phrase 'scottish parliament' (or "Scottish Parliament" since letter case is ignored)
scottish AND parliamentthe words 'scottish' AND 'parliament' must appear somewhere on the page, but not necessarily together.
scottish + parliamentsame as above
europe AND "scottish parliament"pages containing the word "europe" and the exact phrase "scottish parliament"
scottish OR parliamentpages with either the word 'scottish' OR the word 'parliament' on them (or both)
scottish -parliamentpages with the word 'scottish' but NOT the word 'parliament' on them

Topic (navigation) Search
1.Click on a Topic and/or Sub Topic to limit your search to that topic area.
2.Enter search keywords.
3.Click 'Search' to run a search within a topic.
4.Click 'New Search' to conduct a fresh search.