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Summary: Transport and Travel

Transport imageSummary: Transport and Travel

  • Over three quarters of those under 60 had travelled the previous day when interviewed for the Scottish Household Survey. 51% of those aged 80 and over had travelled the previous day. This compares with 68% for those aged 70-79 and 75% for those aged 60-69.

Percentage of adults owning a driving license by age - graph

Source:   Transport and Travel in Scotland 2015, Table TD1

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Age and Transport and Travel Page

Age Page

  • Adults with a disability or long-term illness were more likely to use a local bus service than those with no disability or long-term illness. In 2015, 50.4% of adults who had a long term health condition or disability had used a bus service in the previous month compared to 43.9% of adults who had no long term health condition or disability .

Source: Scottish Household Survey 2015


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Disability and Transport and Travel Page

Disability Page 

  • Indian, Pakistani and Chinese households were most likely to have access to a car.  African households were least likely to.  At the time of the 2011 census, three quarters of households in Scotland had access to a car or van. The proportion was over 80% for Pakistani and White: Other British households and lowest (47%) for African households.

Source: Analysis of Equality Results from the 2011 Census - Part 2 (2015)

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Ethnicity and Transport and Travel Page

Ethnicity Page

  • Men were more likely own a driver's licence than women. 73% of men owned a driving licence compared to 63% of women.

Source: Transport and Travel in Scotland 2015 (Table 1)

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Gender and Transport and Travel Page 

Gender Page

  • Around a quarter (23%) of people aged 16 and over in households had no access to a car or van, two fifths (40%) had access to one car or van and the remaining third (36%) had access to two or more cars or vans.
  • Sikhs had the highest car access with the majority (52%) having access to two or more cars or vans. Hindus had the lowest car access, with over two fifths (42%) living in households with no access to a car or van.

Source: Analysis of Equality Results from the 2011 Census - Part 2


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Religion and Transport and Travel page

Religion Page

Sexual Orientation

Transport Scotland and Scottish Government currently do not have information on the transport and travel experiences of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in Scotland.


Transport Scotland and Scottish Government currently do not have information on the transport and travel experiences of transgender people in Scotland.

National Performance Framework

National Performance Framework

Fifty National Indicators enable progress towards the achievement of the National Outcomes and ultimately the delivery of the Purpose to be tracked.

Indicators are chosen to show how the Scottish Government are progressing on the range of Outcomes. Equality breakdowns illustrate how protected groups are progressing towards achievement of the National Outcomes, particularly ‘we have tackled the significant inequalities in Scottish society’

Where available, equality breakdowns of progress against these National Indicators can be found under the 'What more do we know about the National indicator?' heading.

Increase the proportion of journeys to work made by public or active transport, Data Tables (including Age, Gender and Disability)

Reduce deaths on Scotland's roads, Data Tables (including Age, Gender and Urban/Rural)

Publications and Outputs



Tables from Transport Scotland statistical publications can be found on the statistics pages of the Transport Scotland website

Scottish Household Survey microdata is available (through a ‘special licence’ scheme) from the UK Data Archive.

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Transport and Travel

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