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Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting pupils, parents and teachers - learning during term 4

Published: 20 Apr 2020
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Coronavirus in Scotland, Education

Guidance to help support continuity in children and young people’s learning in Term 4, following the closure of schools in March 2020 due to COVID-19.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting pupils, parents and teachers - learning during term 4

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Practitioner Support for Online Remote Learning

Education Scotland has established four working groups. Each has short, medium and long term goals to both support teachers and practitioners during remote learning and to evaluate solutions and successes that offer long term opportunities to enhance learning. The working groups will continue to listen to teachers and practitioners to shape the resources that are being offered and to share effective practice, research and resources both from within Scotland and beyond.

1. Health and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing working group are focusing on the following key areas: Transitions, Supporting learners with additional support needs, Resilience, Wellbeing Indicators and Compassion and Grief.

Work to date has included providing easy access to high quality materials in the following areas:

2. Learning, teaching and assessment

Supporting learners remotely using digital tools within Glow

Webinar sessions are available to support educators across Scotland. The initial webinars focused on how to use the products and services within Glow. Webinars will be added on an ongoing basis and will continue to cover digital practice as well as subject and sector specific sessions over time.

Schedule of webinars:

Recorded webinars

Refreshed Narrative

This includes tools and approaches drawn from the focus on the four capacities, four contexts and curriculum design. Resources to support online learning will be collated to complement existing materials on the Refresh HUB page.

Resources to support online learning in curricular areas

Resources have been collated to provide teachers and practitioners with easy access to high quality materials that have been curated from a range of sources and partners. These have been shared online in Wakelets and cover the 8 curriculum areas and sector areas including DYW, Creativity, Early Learning and Childcare and Community Learning and Development. For example:

Curriculum Support

Sector areas Support

Live Digital Skills Webinars

Catch Up

Everything can be found at the following link -

3. Learning at home

Parentzone Scotland website will continue to be updated with relevant information for parents. This includes helping to build the capacity of parents to support their child's learning at home. Work is planned to liaise with national parenting organisations to co-ordinate messages and support for parents. Work to date has included:

Be at the heart of our child's learning during Covid-19

Support for parents and families who use British Sign Language

Supporting children with additional support needs

4. Remote leadership of learning and teams

Guidance and support focus on three key areas:

  • Creating opportunities for school and system leaders to share experiences and effective practice in leading remotely.
  • Supporting leaders to face the immediate and long term challenges of leading remotely, as well as recognising opportunities of leading in this way.
  • Providing clarity on the language that should be used by school and system leaders in line with national policy and guidance. For example the language to describe learning at home and how to facilitate learning remotely.