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Scotland heat map: documents

Published: 29 May 2018

Framework documents and guidance to support use of the Scotland heat map.

29 May 2018
Scotland heat map: documents

The interactive Scotland heat map can be used by business, developers, housing associations, and communities to find out about the heat demand and supply opportunities.

The heat demand data from the interactive Scotland heat map can be downloaded using our INSPIRE download service.

We have provided the following attached guidance documents to support the use of the map: 

  • framework documentation relating to the agreement between the Scottish Government and local authorities and other public sector organisations to share the data.
  • user guides showing how the map was created and how it can be used and updated
  • quick guides showing how to use the map as well as a data dictionary
  • a data sharing request form that can be used to submit requests for us to share heat map data. This is for individuals and organisations that are not covered by the framework agreement

Great care has been taken to ensure the Scotland heat map is as accurate as possible. However, with such a large data set, errors will occur. By using Scotland heat map interactive you accept the data as is. The Scottish Government or any data provider is not liable for costs arising from using this data.

Scotland's heat map: framework documentation

1.0 framework agreement

9 page PDF
415.8 kB

1.1 acceptance form

4 page PDF
359.2 kB

1.2 data users form

3 page PDF
283.9 kB

1.3 organisation contact form

4 page PDF
352.1 kB

1.4 organisational contacts list

2 page PDF
146.6 kB

Scotland's heat map: user guidance

2.0 report methodology

44 page PDF
1.7 MB

2.1 manual

74 page PDF
4.0 MB

2.3 validation and improvement

5 page PDF
374.7 kB

Scotland's heat map: quick guides and data dictionary

Web map: quick user guide

10 page PDF
2.3 MB

Reporting tool user guide

9 page PDF
1.4 MB

Data dictionary

233.6 kB

Scotland's heat map: data sharing request form

Data sharing request form

59.7 kB