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Video consultations - public and clinician views: consultation report

Published: 23 Sep 2020
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Consultation report of the national public engagement exercise held during June to August 2020, to understand the general public and health professionals’ views on using Near Me video consulting.

23 Sep 2020
Video consultations - public and clinician views: consultation report

Near Me is an online video consulting service that enables health and care appointments to take place at home or close to home. It is procured for use across Scotland by the Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care Programme. Near Me is powered by the Attend Anywhere platform. Although Attend Anywhere has been available nationally since December 2016, use prior to the Covid-19 pandemic was relatively small and focused in rural and island areas. At the start of the pandemic (March 2020), a rapid scale up plan was introduced to accelerate the use of Near Me across Scotland. This was informed by, and only possible because of, the early work undertaken in 2017-19. In February 2020, there were around 300 Near Me consultations per week. By June, this figure had reached 17,000 per week, and this high level of use has been maintained ever since. The early development of Near Me had taken a co-design approach, with significant patient and professional involvement including choosing the name “Near Me”. Therefore, a logical extension to this approach was to include a national engagement exercise as part of the rapid scale up of Near Me. The objectives of the engagement exercise were to: • Understand the potential benefits and barriers of using video consulting for health and care appointments, from various perspectives both during Covid-19 and beyond.

• Gain insights about those currently excluded from using the Near Me service.

• Identify potential improvements to the Near Me service.

• Review the Near Me Vision and governance arrangements as appropriate.

• Raise awareness with service users and service providers about how Near Me can be used for health and care appointments. See the full report here for the findings -