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Scottish Agricultural Census - provisional results: June 2020

Published: 6 Oct 2020

Provisional results from the 2020 June Agricultural Census on land use, crop areas, livestock and the number of people working on agricultural holdings.

6 Oct 2020
Scottish Agricultural Census - provisional results: June 2020

The June Agricultural Census is an annual collection of information from agricultural holdings. The content of the census and any changes to it are agreed with a range of Scottish Government divisions and, where necessary, through wider consultation. The census is conducted for a wide range of purposes. The statistics help the government to form, monitor and evaluate policy, and to assess the economic well-being of the different agricultural sectors. Most of the data collected are required by the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Equally important is the regular contact with farmers, which enables the department's register to be kept up to date. This means, for example, that information on new animal health requirements, or new subsidy schemes can be quickly directed to relevant farmers.

June Agricultural Census 2020

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