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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's route map - what you can and cannot do

Information about easing the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's route map - what you can and cannot do
Sport, culture and leisure

Sport, culture and leisure

How have you determined which sports are safe to restart?

Scientific advice is that transmission risks are very low in outdoor settings, as long as physical distancing is followed. That is why we have been able to ease restrictions on some non-contact sports.

From 29 May 2020, unrestricted outdoor exercise and some non-contact outdoor activities within your local area – such as golf, outdoor tennis and angling – could resume provided physical distancing is followed.

From 29 June, outdoor sports courts can open, participants must maintain strict physical distancing at all times when using outdoor sports courts.

It does not mean that taking part will always be safe. You should use judgement and take part only if you can do so safely, maintaining physical distancing and not putting yourself or others, such as rescue services, at risk.

Will you be publishing an exhaustive list of acceptable activities or is this up to the individual?

The guidance on outdoor activity includes examples of permitted activities. A full list is available on sportscotland’s website. In Phase 1 and 2, these will be outdoor non-contact activities that can be done individually or without physical contact or while maintaining physical distancing, but we do ask that people use their judgement on what fits safely within the guidelines.

Are there any restrictions on the length of time people can be outside?

There are no restrictions on the length of time you can be outside, but strict physical distancing and hygiene measures should be followed and please stay local to your home, which we recommend is up to five miles.

Are there any limits on the number of sporting/leisure activities you can do in a day?

No, you are permitted to leave the house as often as you like to undertake exercise, but strict physical distancing and hygiene measures should be followed and please stay local to your home, which we recommend is up to five miles.

When will sports facilities re-open?

Indoor sports facilities are scheduled to re-open as part of Phase 3 of the Scottish Government Route Map – providing physical distancing can be observed.

When can football training return?

Non-contact training can take place now – however this can only be done within the restrictions on household gatherings and physical distancing must be observed.

When can professional sport resume?

From Monday 22 June, elite football, rugby and racing can resume behind closed doors with suitable health protection measures in place.

When can children play outdoor contact sports such as football?

From 13 July organised outdoor contact sports can resume for children and young people, subject to guidance. So can other forms of organised outdoor play.

When will playgrounds reopen?

Playgrounds are now open.

When will museums, galleries, cinemas and libraries be reopened?

Museums, galleries, libraries, and various other visitor attractions and cinemas – including drive-ins and other venues screening films – can reopen on 15 July although physical distancing will be required and for many facilities tickets should be secured in advance.

When will live events restart?

Some live event venues, such as theatres and concert halls, and large event organisations will find it difficult to re-start while necessary physical distancing measures remain in place. We recognise the impact this is having on those sectors, and we are working with them to consider how to support them and enable activity to begin again. We hope in Phase 3 that live events can be permitted with restricted numbers and physical distancing restrictions with further relaxation of restrictions, in line with public health advice, can be introduced in Phase 4.

Can I go to the zoo?

From 29 June you may travel within your local area (up to broadly five miles) to visit a zoo or garden attraction that is open to the public. For the moment, only outdoor areas in zoos will be open to the public. You should make sure that the place that you wish to visit is open and that you understand what the ticketing arrangements are before travelling.

When can I go on holiday in Scotland?

From 15 July all holiday accommodation, including hotels and self-catering accommodation with shared access, can reopen as long as establishments follow appropriate guidance. Until then you can only use fully self-contained holiday accommodation including holiday homes, second homes and self-contained units in caravan and campervan parks, subject to the rules around the number of households who can mix.

What about going camping?

From 15 July camping and wild camping will be permitted. Currently, campsites should only be available for users that have fully self-contained facilities, for example, caravans and motorhomes/campervans, as defined above. It does not include camping in tents, where campers would have to rely on shared facilities, or in the wild, since this is not ‘booked’ in advance so numbers cannot be managed.

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