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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: staying safe and protecting others

Rules on staying safe and protecting others to help suppress coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: staying safe and protecting others
Staying safe

Staying safe

Cases of coronavirus are rising and we cannot let this continue unchecked. Additional measures are therefore necessary to control the spread of the virus and were announced on 22 September.

Suppressing the virus will continue to rely on people following essential hygiene measures and physical distancing.

You can leave your home for any purpose. But before leaving your home you should plan how you will keep safe and minimise risk to yourself and others.

Things to consider:

  • whether and how you will avoid touching surfaces that others have touched and how you will practise good hygiene
  • where physical distancing might be more difficult to follow, and how you will avoid or reduce the risk
  • what additional things you may need to take with you, such as hand sanitiser, a bag for used tissues and a face covering

Bear in mind that some people – for example those with sight loss, autism, learning disabilities, dementia or other communication or mobility needs - may find physical distancing rules more difficult to follow than others and may not be able to keep 2 metres away from others, such as those relying on a guide dog or another person for guide support.

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