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Coronavirus (COVID-19): organised activities for children

Published: 5 Oct 2020
Last updated: 13 Oct 2020 - see all updates

Guidance for the safe running of organised activities for children and young people.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): organised activities for children
Drama and music

Drama and music

Adopting a precautionary approach, the Advisory sub-group’s advice is that music and drama activities should take place only in situations where they comply with the low risk criteria in group settings. 

Individual lessons where 2 metre physical distancing can be applied, should only be considered where the environment is well ventilated and equipment is not shared and other mitigating risk approaches can be safely put in place, such as singer not facing the teacher. More creative solutions are recommended at this time including virtual lessons, rehearsals and performances, using digital forms of communication, carry even less risk and are the recommended position at this time. 

Choirs, orchestras and group drama performances should not recommence at this point. 

Singing and shouting

A number of activities for children include singing, are known to have many benefits. However, singing, especially in groups, is considered a higher risk activity at present because of the potential for aerosol production and the absence presently of developed scientific analysis to assess this specific risk.

The risk is lower for younger children, but as this would usually involve adults as well as children participating, it is recommended that singing indoors does not take place inside premises where organised activities for children and young people can be carried out, at this time

Some of the risk is reduced if the activity is taken outdoors.  It will be up to each individual group/organisation/service provider to consider how or if this can be done safely.

Measures should also be taken to minimise the need for shouting, which also increases the aerosol production. For example, background music should be played on a low volume to avoid the need for raised voices.

First published: 5 Oct 2020 Last updated: 13 Oct 2020 -