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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Food Fund guidance for local authorities

Guidance for local authorities on the Food Fund which will support those most in need including families with children who are eligible for free school meals, older people, those with long-term health conditions and pregnant women.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Food Fund guidance for local authorities
Annex C: Public health advice and resources

For the most up-to-date health advice please visit NHS Inform

Further guidance is available from Health Protection Scotland.

A coronavirus communication toolkit, including posters and social media posts for organisations to print and share, is available to download.

Staff, volunteer and service user safety

Local authorities should ensure the organisations they work with have appropriate processes for safeguarding and data protection in relation to employees, volunteers and the people they are supporting.

To lower the risk of transmission and protect us all, social distancing advice should be followed at all times. This includes when working from premises: 

  • provision of protective equipment and hygiene kits, including disposable gloves, fluid repellent surgical face masks, alcohol-based hand sanitisers and anti-bacteria wipes is recommended if available
  • ensuring a distance of 2 metres between staff and customers
  • letting people enter only in numbers that do not lead to crowding
  • putting in place queue control outside

When delivering food orders to people at home, advice is to leave the shopping on the door step. If this is not possible, then try to minimise the contact required to get the food into the home. For example, ask the recipient to stay in another room whilst the food is put away in the kitchen and remind everyone to regularly wash hands.

Food safety

Consider the use of food safety advice in food parcels or in delivery notices. Useful practical information that could be included within advice: 

  • follow good hygiene practice at all times when handling food
  • wash hands thoroughly throughout the preparation of food, in particular after coughing or sneezing, after going to the toilet, before eating and drinking
  • hand sanitiser gels can be used in addition to hand washing but only work on clean hands. They should never be used as a substitute for hand washing.
  • try to minimise direct hand contact with food by using tongs and utensils. Disposable gloves can be used to minimise direct contact with food. However, gloves can become contaminated in the same way as hands so are not a substitute for good personal hygiene and hand washing.

Further information and guidance is available.