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Coronavirus (COVID-19): financial services sector guidance

Guidance for the financial services sector about safe re-opening during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): financial services sector guidance
Next steps

Next steps

Review and future development

This guidance extends until further notice. It sets out both our current advice and guidance for the financial services sector in helping to handle COVID-19, as well as beginning to develop a route-map towards restarting activities within overarching public health considerations. 

Our next step is to continue to develop plans to address the wider issues needed to get the industry restarted again. This will happen in a phased manner as set out in the Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making – Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis. The route map provides an indication of the order in which we will carefully and gradually seek to lift current restrictions, but does not attempt to specify dates for all the different phases. All of this will be evidence led.

Easing restrictions will not mean returning to how things were before the virus. Physical distancing, hand hygiene, and other critical behaviours will be essential in each area to ensure public and workforce confidence.

This guidance will be updated and reviewed as required in consultation with the sector’s employers and unions. Please ensure you use the latest version. 

It is for individual businesses in conjunction with trade union or workforce representatives to decide how best to successfully adopt and adapt guidance for their individual circumstances.