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Coronavirus (COVID-19): childminder services guidance

Published: 30 Jul 2020
Last updated: 30 Jul 2020 - see all updates

Non-statutory guidance to support childminding settings to operate safely.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): childminder services guidance
Purpose of this guidance

Purpose of this guidance

This guidance will be kept under review as we move through the different phases, and:

  • sets out our principles for childminding services across Scotland that recognises childminding as a home-based care and learning environment
  • takes account of scientific and medical advice and provides clarity on practical approaches to safely operating a childminding setting, and
  • provides enhanced practices during the COVID-19 period to support the prevention and control of infection covering.

Where this guidance states that childminders:

  • “must” do something, there is an expectation that it is done without exception
  • “should” do something, this is strongly advised, where appropriate
  • “may” or “may wish” to do something, the relevant sections have been included as examples of relevant practice that can be considered if appropriate.

Nothing in this guidance affects the legal obligations of childminders with regard to health and safety and public health advice. Childminders must continue to adhere to all such duties when implementing this guidance. Under the Coronavirus Act 2020, they must have regard to the advice of the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.

This guidance is not exhaustive and we expect childminders will continue to operate within the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure the health and wellbeing of children and parents while they are using their service, including any impact on or from members of the childminders own household. Measures put in place within the setting to comply with this guidance must not contravene health and safety legislation, for example, not leaving fire doors open to increase ventilation.

This guidance should be read alongside:

Scope of this guidance

This guidance is for Care Inspectorate registered childminders. This guidance is for Care Inspectorate registered childminders. Nannies and au pairs are able to provide childcare in family homes, following the changes to the restrictions on meeting indoors. They should follow the guidance on meeting indoors.

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