Women and Girls in Sport Advisory Board


The women and girls in sport advisory board was established to provide independent advice to the Minister for Public Health and Sport on female participation and awareness raising in all areas of sport and physical activity.

The board is made up of key leaders from the world of women's sport, business and media and full membership can be viewed here.

The focus of the board will be on ensuring:

  • we are driving participation, marketing and awareness of Scottish women and girls in sport
  • every woman and girl in Scotland is given best the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity, no matter their background


  • Gemma Lumsdaine
  • Amanda Jones
  • Claire Nelson
  • Viv McLaren
  • Maggie Cunningham
  • Hala Ousta
  • Emma Mahon
  • Kirsty Ewen
  • Sheila Begbie MBE
  • Dee Bradbury
  • Yvonne Greeves
  • Maureen McGonigle