Fishing boatsMarine Scotland has a vision for Scottish seas to deliver sustainable economic growth through, "clean, healthy, safe, productive, biologically diverse marine coastal environments, managed to meet the long-term needs of nature and people".

The Productive Seas section of NMPi covers the various human economic activities that take place in or on the seas. Where possible, data is presented to show where the activity takes place and the amount of the activity, where suitable statistics are available.

Links are given to additional sources of information and spreadsheets, with graphs, are provided for download where data can be made available.

Test Module

Leisure & Recreation

Historic Environment & Cultural Heritage

Economic Analysis





Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing

Telecoms Cables

Coastal Protection & Flood Defence

Waste Disposal (Dredge Material)

Waste Disposal (Waste Water Treatment and Industrial Outfalls)


Renewable Energy


Ports & Shipping

Marine Management

Oil, Gas & Pipelines

Carbon Capture and Storage