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Marine Scotland Information

Marine Scotland Information logoMarine Scotland Information (MSI) is the new home that integrates the web pages associated with National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) spatial layers with the information, interactive maps, larger geospatial data and other related data that was previously held on Marine Scotland interactive (MSi).


July 2017
National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) update: including details about newly added layers, updated layers, layers in preparation, gaps and areas where data are sparse & the latest technological updates and enhancements.

National Marine Plan Interactive (NMPi)

National Marine Plan Interactive (NMPi)

NMPi launch page (new)

This interactive tool has been designed to assist in the development of national and regional marine planning.

National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) allows you to view different types of information and, where appropriate, links have been provided to the related parts of Scotland's Marine Atlas and will also be provided to the National Marine Plan in due course.

NMPi is not a static system and data sets, new statistics and other details are added to the interactive map when available (follow the Information icon icon from a layer). Registration is free and by doing so, users will gain access to additional functionality – ability to add own data as a ‘My Information’ layer and creating (pdf) maps for printing.

Whilst every effort is made to keep data on NMPi up-to-date, you should contact the data owner/source if you are relying on the data to, for example, make applications for licences.

The NMPi projection (co-ordinate system) is Spherical Web Mercator (EPSG:3857 or EPSG:900913).

If you experience problems using NMPi or have any datasets that you wish to add, please email marinescotland@gov.scot.

More Information

Some Marine Scotland datasets are downloadable as shape files (see NMPi download button next to layer name).

If NMPI users are utilising the WMS in GIS, any maps produced should acknowledge Marine Scotland’s NMPi as the source of the feed and the third party data owner as the data source. Some copyrighted material may require the consent of the data owner for any reproduction, adaptation, manipulation, extraction or other use. Images from NMPi based on such data should not be reproduced by third parties without checking with the data owner. For details of the data owner follow the  NMPI i button icon from a layer to the accompanying Marine Scotland Information page. The ‘Data Originators’ field identifies the data owner.

All Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi data are covered by Crown Copyright and related Privacy and Content Disclaimers or Third Party Copyrights. Further copyright/licence details for all NMPi layers can be found on the appropriate Marine Scotland Information page – follow the NMPI i buttonicon from a layer to the accompanying Marine Scotland Information page and scroll down to ‘Click title for metadata and licence information’.


NMPi data can also be viewed through our Web Map Service (WMS) and our Web Feature Service (WFS).

Find out more about how to link to WMS Layers and WFS data

Click on the NMPI i buttonfor more details about each layer and to see related information.

Marine Scotland cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in data provided by organisations other than Marine Scotland. Datasets are not to be used for navigation.