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Leaflet 2: Further progress review of a number of different projects

Leaflet 1: Progress review of a number of different projects


Leaflet 2: Further progress review of a number of different projects

Leaflet 1: Progress review of a number of different projects


Leaflet 3: technical measures trials planned by Fisheries Research Services in 2008/09

Leaflet 2: seven successful SISP projects in 2008 call

Leaflet 1: progress on five SISP projects funded in July 2007

SISP Set Up Document

2011 Reports

Monitoring changes in exploitation patterns for a data deficient species with decreased quota: northern North Sea ling

Trials to assess the potential for Nephrops trawls with low headline heights (<1m) in reducing whitefish by-catches

Escape gaps for velvet crabs ( Necora puber); stock and economic benefits for the catching sector

2010 Reports

Development and evaluation of methods for surveying fish populations in nearshore waters. Final report

West coast fishery trials of a twin rig Nephrops trawl incorporating a large mesh top sheet for reducing commercial gadoid species by-catch

Brown crab data collection and tagging study

Trials to reduce cod by-catches in Shetland mixed demersal whitefish trawl fisheries by putting large meshes (300 and 600mm) in the front portion of a commercial trawl

2009 Reports

Trials to reduce cod by-catches in whitefish trawl fisheries by modifying the belly sheets of commercial trawl nets to incorporate large diamond mesh panels

The effects of square mesh panel mesh size and position on the selectivity of high and low powered Nephrops trawlers

Effect of Vessel Horsepower on the Selectivity of Nephrops Trawls (03/09)

West of Four - Effectiveness of Windsock Area Closure (02/09)

Evaluation of the Catching Ability of the GOV Trawl against that of a Commercial Type Trawl (01/09)

2008 Reports

Collection of Fisheries and Biological Data on Megrim in ICES Sub-Area IVa (05/08)

Review of technical measures for Scottish mixed demersal fisheries (04/08)

Identifying Critical Spawning and Nursery Areas for North Sea Cod; Improving The Basis for Cod Management

Selection Trials of an 80mm Codend with Square Mesh Panels of 110 and 120mm in the Taper and 110mm in the Straight Extension

Technical Measures to enhance Selectivity in Pelagic Fisheries. Final Report - March 2008

Pilot Reports

  • Pilot Report B/07: Scoping Study for obtaining detailed data on the industry for Fisheries Management
  • Pilot Report A/07: Further selection trials of a 95mm codend with a 120 mm square mesh panel in the North Sea mixed Nephrops/whitefish trawl fishery (01/07)