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Nick Bailey

Telephone: +44 (0)131 2442970Nick Bailey

E-mail: nick.bailey@gov.scot

Address: Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

I joined the Shellfish Section of the Marine Laboratory over 30 years ago and was initially involved  in biological research and stock assessment of Scottish crustacean stocks. I gradually assumed wider responsibility for development of assessment methods and involvement in International Working Groups on shellfish stocks. This work involved managing major research and monitoring projects on shellfish populations. Particular interests included development of the underwater TV methodology for assessing Nephrops stocks and developing new designs for surveying sessile shellfish using adaptive surveys. I still find invertebrates fascinating but over the years my interests have broadened considerably and new responsibilities have taken me into the world of fish and the provision of fisheries advice to managers.  The creation of catching opportunities through TACs (Total Allowable Catches) clearly attracts a lot of attention and provision of advice has been made more challenging with the introduction of MSY targets within the new CFP. Recently, however, I have become increasingly interested in development  and evaluation of measures in the context of ‘results based management’ and the investigation of the performance of fisheries management measures particularly in a mixed fisheries context. These measures include spatial ones such as Real Time Closures (RTCs) and fishing gears with improved selectivity. Measures of this kind can only function effectively when there is buy in from industry and so another key area of interest for me has been engagement with stakeholders and seeking to disseminate information and share knowledge. This takes place through a number of different forums, in training sessions and during the course of collaborative work with industry through a variety of funded programmes such as FISA (Fishing Industry Science Alliance). I have always been optimistic that with sustainable harvesting, our valuable fish and shellfish can continue to provide a renewable source of healthy food, for me the challenge is to make sure our work and the advice we provide enables this to be so.


My current role requires a lot of work with other experts with relevant information and skills. I regularly work with scientists, economists, managers and stakeholders from across Europe and from universities, research institutes and governmental organisations. Drawing this expertise together to provide a synthesis of advice is increasingly important

External Committees and Responsibilities

I have for many years participated in a number of ICES assessment Working Groups and Study Groups, currently I am most closely associated with the the North Sea and Celtic Seas Groups. I am also an alternate UK member of ACOM, the advisory committee of ICES. Over the last 7 years or so I have been a member of the EU’s STECF and have chaired one of its Expert Working Groups. Within Scotland I am a member of several fishery management committees (eg FMAC, SDSG), I am a member of the MASTs Fisheries Forum and I also provide Technical advice to the recently established Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS).

Most Recent Publications

Here are some recent publications that I have been involved in:

Campbell, N.; Dobby, H., and Bailey, N, 2009. Investigating and mitigating uncertainties in the assessment of Scottish Nephrops norvegicus (L.) populations using simulated underwater television data. ICES Journal of Marine Science.; 66:646-655.

Campbell, N. ; Holmes, S.; Main, C. E.; Fernandes, P. G.; Bailey, N., and Barratt, K. 2009,Using VMS and Fishery Data in a Real Time Closure Scheme to reduce cod mortality and cut discards. ICES CM2009/M:13.

Viana, M.; Pierce, G. J.; Illian, J.; MacLeod, C. D.; Bailey, N.; Wang, J., and Hastie, L. C. 2009 Seasonal movements of veined squid Loligo forbesi in Scottish (UK) waters. Aquatic Living Resource.; 22:291-305.

S.J. Holmes, N.Bailey, N.Campbell, R. Catarino, K. Barratt, A.Gibb and P.G. Feernandes 2011 Using fishery-dependent data to inform the development and operation of a co-management initiative to reduce cod mortality and cut discards: ICES Journal Marine Science 68(8) 1679-1688.

P.G.Fernandes, K.Coull, C. Davis, P.Clark, R.Catarino, N.Bailey, R.Fryer and A.Pout. 2011 Observations of discards in the Scottish mixed demersal trawl fishery.  ICES Journal Marine Science 68(8) 1734-1742.

Sarah B.M.Kraak, Nick Bailey, Massimiliano Cardinale, Chris Darby, Jose A.A. De Oliveira, Margit Eero, Norman Graham, Steven Holmes, Tore Jakobsen, Alexander Kempf, Eskild Kirkegaard, John Powell, Robert D. Scott, E. John Simmonds, Clara Ulrich, Willy Vanhee, Morten Vinther.  2013. Lessons for fisheries management from the EU cod recovery plan.  Marine Policy 37. 200-213

Full publications list

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