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Professor Colin Moffat

Colin MoffatTelephone: +44 (0)131 244 2922

Email: Colin.Moffat@gov.scot

Marine Scotland, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, Scotland, UK

Research Interests

My current research is mainly concerned with marine assessment methodology, contaminants and their effects on marine biota and the use of fatty acids as trophic markers.  My ultimate objective is to contribute to the scientific knowledge that will ensure appropriate management of the human activities impacting on marine ecosystems.


I collaborate with scientists across the UK and Europe, notably those involved in the OSPAR processes and the developing EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive.  I have very close collaborations with the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen where I am Honorary Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, and the University of Aberdeen where I actively support the MarCRF initiative to develop marine science in Aberdeen.

External Committees and Responsibilities

I am co-chair of the UK Marine Science Coordination Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the UK Marine Science Strategy.  I provide advice to both the Scottish and UK Governments and to International fora such as the OSPAR Commission.

Most Recent Publications

  • Méndez-Fernandez, P., Webster, L., Chouvelon, T., Bustamante, P., Ferreira, M., Gonzalez, A.F., López, A., Moffat, C.F., Pierce, G.J., Read, F.L., Russell, M., Santos, M.B., Spitz, J., Vingada, J.V. and Caurant, F. (2014) An assessment of contaminant concentrations in toothed whale species of the NW Iberian Peninsula: Part II. Trace element concentrations. Sci. Total Environ., 484, 206-217.
  • Webster, L., Russell, M., Walsham, P., Hussy, I., Lacaze, J-P., Dalgarno, E., Packer, G., Neat, F. and Moffat, C.F.  (2014) Halogenated persistent organic pollutants in relation to trophic level in deep sea fish. Marine Pollut. Bull., 88(1-2), 14-27.
  • Monteiro, S., Méndez-Fernandez, P., Piertney, S., Moffat, C.F., Ferreira, M., Vingada, J.V., López, A., Brownlow, A., Deaville, R.J., Mikkelsen, B., Niemeyer, M., Carvalho, J.C. and Pierce, G.J.  (2015) Population structure of the pilot whale (Globicephala melas) in Atlantic waters assessed through biogeochemical and genetic markers.  Marine Ecology Progress Series, 536, 243–257.
  • Méndez-Fernandez, P., Simon-Bouhet, B., Bustamante, P., Chouvelon, T., Ferreira, M., López, A., Moffat, C.F., Pierce, G.J., Russell, M., Santos, M.B., Spitz, J., Vingada, J.V., Webster, L., Read, F.L., Gonzalez, F.C. and Caurant, F. (2017) Inter-species differences of polychlorinated biphenyls patterns in five sympatric species of odontocetes: Can PCBs be used as tracers of feeding ecology? Ecological Indicators74, 98-108.
  • Vethaak, A.D., Davies, I.M., Thain, J.E., Gubbins, M.J., Martínez-Gómez, C., Robinson, C.D., Moffat. C.F., Burgeot, T., Maes, T., Wosniok, W., Giltrap, M., Lang, T. and Hylland, K.  (2017) Integrated indicator framework and methodology  for monitoring and assessment of  hazardous substances and their effects in the marine environment.  Marine Environmental Research, 124, 11-20.

Full Publications List

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