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Marine Laboratory Internal Reports

Title of PublicationAuthorDate
  • Diving observations on the behaviour of queens in relation to the otter trawl. (10/76) [no document available]
Chapman, C.J.; Kinnear, J.A.M.; Howell, T. & Ballantyne, K.01/01/1976
Stewart, P.A.M. & Chapman, C.J.01/01/1976
  • The use of ultrasonic transmitters to monitor movements of large decapod crustaceans. (12/76) [no document available]
Kinnear, J.A.M. & Chapman, C.J.d01/01/1976
  • Vertical distribution of zooplankton and larval gadoids in the northern North Sea. (13/76) [no document available]
Conway, D.V.P. & Minton, R.C.01/01/1976
  • Unconditioned responses of the cod Gadus morhua L. to Cryolite sludge. (14/76) [no document available]
Johnstone, A.D.F. & Shelton, R.G.J.01/01/1976
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1975
  • Identification of the copepodid stages of some Calanoid copepods. (07/75) [no document available]
Conway, D.V.P. & Minton, R.C.01/01/1975
  • The engineering performance of pelagic trawling gear: trials on FRS Clupea, 1974. (08/75) [no document available]
de Silva, S.T.R. & Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1975
  • Report on initial performance trials of the towed underwater vehicle (TUV), August 1975. (09/75) [no document available]
Coogan, H.F.01/01/1975
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1974
  • Preliminary acoustic tracking studies on Nephrops norvegicus. (02/74) [no document available]
Chapman, C.J.; Johnstone, A.D.F. & Urquhart, G.G.01/01/1974
  • An exploratory appraisal of the inputs of domestic and industrial wastes to the North Sea with regard to Scottish marine fisheries. (03/74) [no document available]
Johnstone, R.01/01/1974
  • The feasibility of studying demersal seine net efficiency using an acoustic scanner detector. (04/74) [no document available]
Hemmings, C.C.01/01/1974
  • The engineering performance of demersal trawling gear report on trials aboard FRS Scotia January/February 1973. (05/74) [no document available]
Wileman, D.A. & Galbraith, R.D. & Foster, J.F.01/01/1974
Adams, J.A.; Fraser, J.H.; Seaton, D.D. & Hay, S.J.01/01/1973
  • Nematode parasites of marine mammals from Scottish waters. (02/73) [no document available]
Wootten, R.01/01/1973
  • A statistical analyais of cod-end shrinkage tests. (03/73) [no document available]
Shanks, A.M.01/01/1973
  • Engineering performance data on single boat pelagic gears for vessel powers between 200 and 2000 HP. (04/73) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1973
Chapman, C.J.01/01/1973
  • The engineering performance of pelagic trawling gear. Part 2: trials from FRS Clupea May/June 1972. (06/73) [no document available]
Wileman, D.A. & de Silva, S.T.R.01/01/1973
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1973
  • Performance analysis of Larsson experimental trawl gear. (08/73) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1973
  • Studies on Montrose Channel and its effluents. (09/73) [no document available]
Johnston, R.; Topping, G.; McIntyre, A.D. & Gamble, J.C.01/01/1973
Chapman, C.J. & Johnstone, D.F.01/01/1973
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1972
Seaton, D.D.01/01/1972
  • Implementation of the Camac Interface System on the 920C computer.(03/72) [no document available]
  • Preliminary analysis of results of cruise no. 72-1 on research vessel John N Cobb of National Marine Fisheries Service, UD Department of Commerce, Seattle. (04/72) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1972
  • Dilution and dispersion of a pulp mill waste. (05/72) [no document available]
Topping, G.01/01/1972
  • A review of double cod-end selectivity experiments. (06/72) [no document available]
Hall, W.B. & Pope, J.A.01/01/1972
  • The Marine Laboratory computer data logging system (ABLOG Issue 2). Interim report on data logging software used on FRS Explorer. (07/72) [no document available]
Mowat, M.J.D.01/01/1972
  • Some ideas on the design of a ship referenced warp angle meter. (08/72) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1972
  • Evaluation of the Humber St Andrews electronic warp load meter system as installed on board FRS Explorer. (09/72) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N. & Cattenach, D.01/01/1972
  • Report on noise trials of the motor trawlers Samarian (GY 445) and Ross Cheetah (GY 614). (11/72) [no document available]
Hawkins, A.D.; MacLennan, D.N. & Urquhart, G.01/01/1972
  • Computation of hydrophone array dimensions. (10/72) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1972
  • Some further limited otterboard trials on the stern trawler MV Avenger on 18.8.72. (12/72) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1972
  • Survey of names used in Scotland to describe fishing gear. (13/72) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1972
  • A preliminary report on pair trawl trials held off Orkney 13 July - 9 August 1972. (14/72) [no document available]
Corrigall, A.01/01/1972
  • The use of ping-pong balls to measure curents near the bottom of Loch Thuirnaig. (15/72) [no document available]
Henderson, E.W.01/01/1972
  • Some collected data from wind tunnel and tank tests on the hydrodynamic properties of lifting devices for trawl headlines. (16/72) [no document available]
Ferro, R.S.T.01/01/1972
  • The use of a digital computer to solve the equations for hyperbolic navigational aids with special reference to the Decca Navigator. (17/72) [no document available]
Mowat, M.J.D.01/01/1972
  • Fishing trials with stabilized diverting depressors. (18/72) [no document available]
Corrigall, A.01/01/1972
  • The west coast escallop fishery October-December 1970. (01/71) [no document available]
Goodlad, M.H.01/01/1971
  • Glugea stephani, infection in W.F.A. Fish Cultivation Unit, Hunterston. (02/71) [no document available]
McVicar, A.H.01/01/1971
  • Report on the undulating towed vehicle seminar held at the Plessey Marine Systems Research Unit on 17.12.70. (03/71) [no document available]
Wileman, D.A.01/01/1971
  • The effect of time of gutting after capture on the number of worms in the flesh of herring. (04/71) [no document available]
Hall, W.B.01/01/1971
  • Cod fecundity analysis. (05/71) [no document available]
Hall, W.B.01/01/1971
  • Brocoden/Steadfast Hope pair trawling performance trials 15 December - 18 December 1970. (06/71) [no document available]
Corrigall, A.01/01/1971
  • Commercial survey for Norway pout and other industrial fish species in the area north of Ireland. (07/71) [no document available]
  • Report on noise trials of the purse-seiner MFV Vigilant, PD 452. (08/71) [no document available]
Hawkins, A.D.; MacLennan, D.N. & Corrigall, A.01/01/1971
  • White Fish Authority Norway pout exercise. (09/71) [no document available]
Bailey, R.S.01/01/1971
  • Project - to measure the audible components of a sonar pulse. (10/71) [no document available]
Hawkins, A.D.01/01/1971
  • Mussel purification plant - C.G. Moscati, Meikle Ferry, Tain. (11/71) [no document available]
Williams, G.R.01/01/1971
  • Some multivariate distributions and test procedures. (12/71) [no document available]
Pope, J.A.01/01/1971
  • Preliminary report on initial trials of stabilized diverting depressors. (13/71) [no document available]
Corrigall, A. & Ranachan, A.01/01/1971
  • Escallop fishery, January - March 1971. (14/71) [no document available]
Goodlad, M.H.01/01/1971
  • Commercial survey for Norway pout and other industrial fish species in the area north of Ireland. (16/71) [no document available]
Bailey, R.S.01/01/1971
  • Report on pelagic trawl performance trials (RV Goldseeker). (17/71) [no document available]
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1971
  • Recent trends in the North Firth cod fishery. (18/71) [no document available]
Pope, J.A.01/01/1971
  • Visit to Peterhead, 30.04.71. (19/71) [no document available]
Strange, E.S.01/01/1971
  • Shetland scallop fishery, May 1971. (20/71) [no document available]
Goodlad, M.H.01/01/1971
  • A chronological record of gear and fish behaviour experiments carried out on the seine netter Boy Andrew (wk 171) 11th-27th August 1970. (21/71) [no document available]
Sangster, G.I. & Hemmings, C.C.01/01/1971
  • The behaviour of Nephrops and trawling. (22/71) [no document available]
Chapman, C.J.01/01/1971
  • Report on trials conducted with a 1040 mesh, 4-panel pelagic net on the bottom on board FRV Clupea. (23/71) [no document available]
de Silva, S.T.R.01/01/1971
  • Report on visit to RV Halcyon, Campbeltown -10.9.71. (24/71) [no document available]
Galbraith, R.D.01/01/1971
  • Seine net instrumented trials, Moray Firth 1970. (25/71) [no document available]
Corrigall, A.01/01/1971
  • Report on the engineering performance of a modified Engels gear used from RV Tridens. (26/71) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N. & de Silva, S.T.R.01/01/1971
  • Statistical results of the effect on codend mesh selection of using a large mesh Ulstron cover over a Courlene codend from FRV Mara cruise in February/March 1971. (27/71) [no document available]
Hall, W.B.01/01/1971
  • Tests on an electrical deck tension meter system aboard FRS Explorer. (28/71) [no document available]
Cattenach, D.01/01/1971
  • Some observations on the hydrography, chemistry and plankton of the Firth of Clyde in relation to nitrate-rich effluents. (29/71) [no document available]
Johnston, R.; Adams, J.A. & Dooley, H.D.01/01/1971
  • Program pinger. (30/71) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1971
  • Escallop fishery, April-June 1971. (31/71) [no document available]
Goodlad, M.H.01/01/1971
  • Program pinger (issue 2). (32/71) [no document available]
MacLennan, D.N.01/01/1971
  • Towing capability of FRV Clupea in relation to engine power. (33/71) [no document available]
de Silva, S.T.R.01/01/1971
  • An exploratory investigation into the effects of electric fields in burrowed Nephrops. (34/71) [no document available]
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1971
  • The design and testing of a prototype electrified Nephrops trawl. (35/71) [no document available]
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1971
  • A review of marine electrical fishing. (36/71) [no document available]
Stewart, P.A.M.01/01/1971
  • Report on dives in Vickers' Pisces by members of the Marine Laboratory staff 9-11 November 1969. (01/70) [no document available]
Hemmings, C.C.01/01/1970
  • The beamwidth problem in fish counting. (02/70) [no document available]
Craig, R.E.01/01/1970
  • The Aberdeen fish counting method. (03/70) [no document available]
Lawrie, R.G.G.01/01/1970
  • Major features of current flow adjacent to the Scottish east coast. (04/70) [no document available]
Dooley, H.D.01/01/1970
  • Electrical fishing. (05/70) [no document available]
Cameron, G.M.01/01/1970
  • The Firth of Tay. (06/70) [no document available]
Craig, R.E. & Adams, J.A.01/01/1970
  • Report on the cockles of Valley Strand, N. Uist. (09/70) [no document available]
Drinkwater, J.01/01/1970
  • Report on the general biological survey at North Uist. (10/70) [no document available]
Eleftheriou, A.01/01/1970
McIntyre, A.D.01/01/1970
  • Observations on Norway lobsters in the Sound of Jura. (12/70) [no document available]
Chapman, C.J.; Main, J. & Kinnear, J.01/01/1970