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Video & Photographs

Map of video sites in ScotlandMap of video sites in ScotlandThe video footage available on MSI has been collected to provide images of the seabed and associated benthos and to ground-truth the multibeam data. It has been collected using a drop-frame TV with video and stills camera. The camera is towed behind the vessel at a speed of approximately 1 knot and suspended approximately 1 metre off the seabed. Video-footage is collected for the duration of the deployment with stills photographs taken approximately every minute. A log of the seabed type, macro benthos and anthropogenic activity is recorded and the location of the drop frame and the digital stills are put directly into Arc View.

By downloading the TV photos, tows and seabed layers, you can map all the TV tows that are available on MSI on either Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer. The seabed layer maps the location of each video tow that coincides with potential offshore renewable energy or conservation interest. Double click the icon to open a bubble box with links to the Marine Scotland Science Picasa and Youtube sites. The Picasa link will play a slide show of the photographs collected from the tow and the Youtube link will play a three minute clip of the video.

For information on updates and chages to the data available on MSi please consider registering your email address with the MSi mailing list.

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Data Available

Data available