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Shaded relief map west of Lewis


The backscatter data, also produced by the multibeam echosounder, can provide information on the acoustic properties of the seabed. The data can be converted into acoustic facies data layers and, with the addition of ground-truthing, can be used to create seabed habitat data layers including the substrate types and the biotopes. This has been carried out for the Lewis 2010 data.


The videos and photographs have been analysed to determine the biotope, i.e. the community of benthic fauna and flora. The biotopes identified in Scottish waters can be viewed on Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer or as an SNH report. Double click on the icon to open a bubble box with a link to the Picasa slide show and a summary of the substrate, biota and biotope based on the photographs and video footage.


Data available

  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) survey of benthic epifaunal species and habitats around Scotland – Part IV

Lewis 2010 Survey Data

Lewis 2011 Backscatter Data

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